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Zero Cool 11/08/2019 (Fri) 18:18:18 No. 407
Why does nu-/g/ behave like this?
He's right all the infrastructure is controlled by our enemies so worrying about internet privacy from them is dumb.
They don't realize that even if one trusts the current people in power not to abuse that info (HAH), one cannot trust the people who will be in power 20 years from now unless one is psychic.
That data is sticking around forever, storage is cheap. If they had spent five minutes trying to figure out how to leverage temporary political power into a more permanent form they would be far more scared of the state having the ability to blackmail almost everyone with legal&ethical but socially unacceptable things, especially considering how easy it is to whip up a moral panic in order to transform previously embarrassing or innocuous information into blackmail material.
For example: being openly gay in weimar germany was acceptable, and one had nothing to fear from the state knowing it though it was technically unlawful.
Fast forward a few years and it was a free train ticket.
If nazi germany happened again (or communism, or whatever floats your fuck-those-guys boat) the massive amounts of information people publish about themselves would go from quirky twitter bios to self-signed death warrants pretty fucking fast.
Should a person living in 2019-USA hide being gay from the government? Hell yes. Lie on every form you're permitted to, and avoid the others. Be cautious of lying where it's unlawful, that may be more dangerous in some contexts than being truthful.
nu-/g/ is nothing but vidya gamerz and phoneposters. That's why.


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