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(8.56 KB 250x172 1412084715640.jpg)
Black Pill Thread: Blast from the past edition Zero Cool 10/09/2019 (Wed) 02:22:38 No. 293
Drop /tech/ black pills itt. Privacy has been dead for a long time, what do you do to protect your privacy? Why will the general public never care about these issues and why haven't we done anything yet.
if only those epic 8ch shooters would've targeted evil zaibatsu instead of boogeymen
(2.84 KB 724x420 muhfreedom.png)
It's probably quite easy to sneak useful bugs into free software, especially in light of stuff like http://www.underhanded-c.org/#summary (very entertaining contest, worth checking out along with http://www.ioccc.org/ but the second one's just for fun)
Intel's ME and AMD's PSP ruined everything, ever, relating to tech.
Even before IME, the glowing ones were embedding similar back doors into motherboards.
Modern GNU/Linux is just as shit as modern Windows, but at least it's free... I guess.
It didn't have to be like this.
>Intel's ME and AMD's PSP ruined everything, ever, relating to tech.

Truth. Until someone goes rogue and builds a commercially viable open Risc-V with enough processing power we won't really be free.
For now I just use Linux, Brave and hope for a new platform or Libreboot support.
(851.45 KB 1920x1080 gitlabemail.png)
Not really as much of a blackpill as the talk you posted and ME/PSP but I just got this email. Looking to drop gitlab now, what are some other good git providers?
>inb4 host your own
I can't be fucked renting a vps for that, and the whole point is to have off-site backups I don't have to worry about.
thanks for the heads up
>even for paid enterprise stuff
Ok, this is epic.
After the faggots got screamed at and spammed with GDPR requests they gave up telemetry temporarily. Even after replying to literally every comment on soycombinator people are still assmad. I have no idea how this got past the planning stage, is everyone there retarded? Do they even have a lawyer? If they have a lawyer, is he American? What a clusterfuck.
>>the guy who just deleted his post
while true; do (echo "%CPU %MEM ARGS $(date)" && ps -e -o pcpu,pmem,args --sort=pcpu | cut -d" " -f1-5 | tail) >> ps.log; sleep 5; done
No problemo, obviously that file will get massive pretty quickly, just grep through the times that you believe to be suspect.
I'd get out of the habbit of trying to find programs for every task too, once you learn the shell you realise you probably have all the tools you need already.
Hope you didn't get pwned lol
(166.26 KB 921x571 scrot.png)
GitLab listened to my autistic ree's that I posted everywhere
I miss 8chan too. They are sort of tring to bring it back. http://soon.8kun.net/ (I say "sort of" because it's not going very well.)
dead link
Yeah that's my point.


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