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I'm rangebanned from everywhere Astronaut 09/18/2019 (Wed) 06:52:30 No. 32208 [Reply]
4chan rangebanned from every boards
8chan is dead
Rangebanned from endchan.net/ausneets/
Banned allthe times here.

Pic related is the reason.
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I still don't understand.
Local gun store, brainlets
I see now. Thanks.
I'm older than you.

(576.54 KB 1174x256 btfonamefag.gif)
BTFO NAMEAGS Astronaut 09/18/2019 (Wed) 06:20:21 No. 32165 [Reply]
Wow, I had no idea I could hide all posts that any namefag makes. This is a blessing.
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(928.00 KB 388x250 what.gif)
>he still can't into words
I don't think you belong on IBs tbh.
Can you not cope with the fact that someone thinks you are a pseudo-intellectual jackass and insta-hides all your posts? Why let it bother you?
(839.99 KB 630x354 literally_me.mp4)
If I'm constantly being name-dropped by an asshole, then I think it's only appropriate that I respond after so long. Most of the time I ignore the empty epithets. But this time I felt like BTFOing the little retard tbh. Sue me. It only serves him right.
So when are you going to BTFO me?
>I namefag on an anonymous imageboard
>someone namedrops me
>that's not exactly what I want
(3.47 MB 377x372 xD.gif)
I just did. Dumbass.

(146.72 KB 861x705 the look at the me.jpg)
Hello wonderful friends! Astronaut 09/18/2019 (Wed) 05:46:03 No. 32112 [Reply]
This thread will be the nice.
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(41.16 KB 960x640 terra04.jpg)
Yet you're still boring.
>I keep clicking on your thread and posting because you bore me so
Let's at least be honest with ourselves.
I'm rangebanned from endchan ausneets.
(16.67 KB 474x354 terraglare.jpg)
Mind your own god-damned business, bird head!
This is between me and the ditz.
Okie dokie.
See ya later.

(38.47 KB 600x391 1565709983416.jpg)
Your last dream Astronaut 09/17/2019 (Tue) 20:49:48 No. 31681 [Reply]
Ive seen a blonde girl from my high school in 2013.
I don't know why I dreamed about her. She's probably dead last night. She was the best girl Ive meet in my life.

Aging is really a weird feeling.
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A girl I once loved & I were having dinner by an ocean. We went diving afterwards. She was topless the whole time, clearly remember the way her breasts bobbed around freely underwater.
Only happy dream I've ever had. Felt like a small glimpse into some alternate dimension where I wasn't a total fucking loser waste lock who has to fail at everything so all the other mes can have nice lives.
(291.02 KB 292x483 asian aggy.png)
>Your last dream
being shot at and hiding in a closet
Trouble so hard.
(32.95 KB 400x300 make.jpg)
Make your future! Be your future!
I dreamed that I murdered an old man and a little girl. I felt really guilty when I woke up and I'm starting to wonder if I need to see a psychologist or a psychiatrist.

(2.50 MB 320x227 3136293140_1_4_4LMTVPXc.gif)
Spacechan queen election Astronaut 09/18/2019 (Wed) 07:06:24 No. 32232 [Reply]
(1.19 MB 885x1559 spacechan1.png)
we already have a queen, dumbass
Spacechan look like Priscilla with a better nose.
All hail her modest chest and thick thighs.
Looks kinda Jewish if you ask me.
Is Priscilla aryan or jewish?

Rooting for the actual good guys. MK Ultra Terry Davis 10.0 Nigger 09/18/2019 (Wed) 06:52:42 No. 32210 [Reply]
I was watching Band of Brothers for the first time and when the Germans ambushed and beat back the Americans I was pretty happy. Isn’t it great watching the right side win from time to time? Any other movies or shows where you root for the opposing side?
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I didn't watch a handmaiden's tale but I bet the patriarchy in that movie has all the right ideas.
I’m not familiar.
It's purely your fault for being a phone-faggot.
That's up to the ones who ordered the killings and waged the war. When it comes to lapdog soldiers, it becomes much more simple.
Yes but my situation is stacked against me.

Alizee is pregnant Astronaut 09/18/2019 (Wed) 07:20:46 No. 32261 [Reply]
All me
orbitercucks btfo
who care

(118.73 KB 375x375 anal.png)
Why nazi not have argument?!
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(11.27 KB 572x672 badeenus.png)
The file you attached proves my point that the different races produce different cultures. And nothing you said even contradicts my original statement.

no one is born with a culture or ideology. values are not genetically inherent.

if we dropped you off in tibet the moment you were born out of your moms ass, you would be of that culture.

>And nothing you said even contradicts my original statement.

not a a valid counter-argument to any of it.

correlation =/= causation. your race does not define your culture nor your prospects.
Race doesn't determine culture but it is highly influential upon it.
Race can however very well define your prospects and that's why there aren't very many black theoretical physicists.
Race affects everything dummy. Literally everything

(26.68 KB 430x322 money-thinker.jpg)
Astronaut 09/18/2019 (Wed) 07:12:37 No. 32242 [Reply]
If someone says 'Sorry, I'm not sorry' are they sorry after all?
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this but unironically
I wasn't being ironic. People who say this are cunts.
it is a very passive-aggressive thing to say.

it makes someone respect you less than if you just said "im not fucking sorry and im not accountable to you."
It's something people with low testosterone say so you know that you can safely disregard them in the future.
>stop saying you're sorry
<I'm sorry I said I'm sorry

(1.37 MB 2096x1256 Monarchochad.png)
Astronaut 09/18/2019 (Wed) 05:34:20 No. 32104 [Reply]
Friendly reminder to kill all leftists
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(51.42 KB 431x267 good job.jpeg)
Hey buddy. I get it. We all have important things to say and little time to get it all out. That's why the keyboard was designed to allow for quick proper syntax on the go. For example, if you tap the space bar with your thumb, you can quickly space out your sentences legibly. Then, you don't need to waste time hitting the enter key twice! Shift and CAPS are right there by your pinky, so you can get your point across at lightning speed while also not looking like a nigger!

>anything that is outside of my narrow and perfect world view is "brainwashing"

>i totally dont want to brainwash people though

see now im just going

to spite you and type like a retard

because fuck

(1.76 MB 1508x1920 nazi cringe compilation.jpg)
>implying I try to hide the fact that I want to indoctrinate the youth into being leftist killing, brown people genociding, healthy heterosexual family raising citizens of The New Reich.
Surely you jest
(62.68 KB 166x168 1449413575141.png)
>I only make an ass out of myself out of spite


no cookies?