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Astronaut Board owner 02/09/2019 (Sat) 18:12:55 No. 1 [Reply]
Welcome to /b/. Enjoy the random (shit)posts.

Astronaut 07/19/2019 (Fri) 16:29:17 No. 16946 [Reply]
board is dead despite spamming this shit advert everywhere
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Cope, trust me, you dont want new users. Or maybe you do?
Open file (1.12 MB 990x1359 9-11 (4).jpg)
there's plenty of /b/s without them. Every single alternate /b/ rejects new users. might as well experiment with just one.
Open file (384.83 KB 768x432 rabbit sith18.png)
New things can't happen
if old things still alive
that's the dumbest thing i've ever heard
Open file (124.34 KB 1280x720 rabbit sith19.jpg)
thanks low IQ human

Open file (43.84 KB 402x561 rabbit sith.png)
The truth about 8chan Analockman(Thailand Native)#8c+l67 07/20/2019 (Sat) 05:00:57 No. 16984 [Reply]
Maybe you guys already know this but here is what I just realize
the problem of that board is the BO and web master. it's not users
it's because of their selfish ego and bad management. they delete thread just because they don't like it. and I know BO of this chan is not different. and by doing that they will destroy popularity of board itself.
next they will let someone make the good board just to lure people into board again

and the will do the same.
I think they have mental illness
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Open file (59.15 KB 500x749 rabbit sith12.jpg)
it's not work
it's seem all ID was used and get banned
but's funny when I stop enable VPN I van post there again...

but can I ask about BO typp ? isn't he was ban from being BO because CP ? why he's come back ? and it's seem name was unable to post on 2b again
You can do it, you just have to find instruction.

AI makes a portrait of your image Astronaut 07/19/2019 (Fri) 05:23:44 No. 16923 [Reply]
Your image needs to have a face in it and you may need to retry a couple of times since there is a lot of traffic.
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Why is nobody posting their results?
i wanted to see what it would do with /v/
this shit is awesome
Open file (383.57 KB 888x443 anonchan.png)
Open file (673.68 KB 892x449 uglyboi.png)
Open file (80.79 KB 403x558 rabbit sith3.png)
enjoy soulless art works

Astronaut 07/20/2019 (Sat) 00:48:35 No. 16967 [Reply]
Is there any undeniable proof that Jim is selling 8chan users' data?
No. But it's very likely given his history and reputation.
What would he even sell?

if theyre dumb enough to have tracking enabled in their browsers, quite a lot.

Open file (1.25 MB 1920x1080 Screenshot (1203).png)
Is all the red human body parts?
who knows, OP posted a fucking thumbnail like an idiot so we'll never know
OP you fucking twat.
Open file (84.50 KB 1280x731 00.jfif)
could just research on your own
Or OP could just not be a fucking retard and not post the tiniest pic he found.

Open file (48.39 KB 474x485 base.jfif)
Astronaut 07/20/2019 (Sat) 02:25:53 No. 16976 [Reply]
How often do you report back to home base Astronaut?
Open file (285.89 KB 1105x1600 2.jpg)
I don't, this is home.

Open file (313.39 KB 654x677 fluff.png)
Astronaut 07/19/2019 (Fri) 23:05:56 No. 16956 [Reply]
So it's the same cancer running on a different engine. That's wholesome.
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We need better bunker imageboards, our most popular imageboard (4chan) got flooded with faggots and mundanes, and we need anons to keep the bunker imageboards alive by contributing. 8chan is probably the best bunker right now, but more imageboards need to grow.
go back
no stay
Open file (109.30 KB 707x1024 6q5ryh.jpg)
>all this whining
You could just leave, quietly.

Open file (449.95 KB 2048x1447 1444710513102.jpg)
Astronaut 07/07/2019 (Sun) 13:04:49 No. 16087 [Reply]
ITT: Share essential Pepe images that every /b/ browser should possess
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Kill yourself already you fuck loving faggot.

Extraterrestrial Astronaut 07/18/2019 (Thu) 14:22:21 No. 16871 [Reply]
What do you think aliens look like
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Open file (818.80 KB 2000x1347 proxy.duckduckgo.com889.jpg)
One of the most retarded things about ME.
how do you do ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)


no cookies?