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>>/b/111192 >>111189 even you must realize at this point that practicality comes before selfish outburst.
>>/b/111191 >>111188 I wonder if you can do that in Oregon
>>/b/111190 >>111129 The only threads that don't immediately die are either chijo threads or formatted like one, because people effectively
>>/b/111189 >>111187 Yeah but hes an asshole so all of that be damned.
>>/b/111188 >>111186 yeah one perk of california. you can just call it in.
>>/b/111187 >>111184 he pays my fucking bills. burning his house down would be counter-productive and would distress his dog.
>>/b/111186 >>111185 Hope u well then my boye, getting weed delivered must be nice
>>/doomer/545 >>531 There isnt any good local dinnes, and if there were any i would feel weird just sitting there drinking coffee.
>>/b/111185 >>111180 that looks sticky. yeah im jelly at the moment but im getting a delivery of some real bombass dankass in a moment
>>/b/111184 >>111178 Idk how you resisted the urge to burn his house town I'm feeling it from here. Like what a cock fuck >>111179 Mean >>
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