Spacechan: The Shitposters Chan

>>/b/94 >>92 Noice
>>/meta/3 Hi, I'm Kev, creator of 4kev.org. Would you like to start a collaboration? We could display each other's banner in the homepage
>>/b/92 She was 11 years old
>>/b/91 >>49 Spacechan and Bunkerchan are owned by the same person
>>/b/90 Whoever was DDoSing Konatachan.org is going to have fun packeting a NASA nameserver and getting v&d now
>>/b/89 >>49 >Bunkerchan >communist
>>/b/86 ==WHITE POWER==
>>/b/85 >>55 Not going to click that shit.
>>/b/84 SpaceChan will become an icon i tell you it will surpass everything that 8chan has achieved greater than god Long live to
>>/b/82 Eiri is a faggot
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