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>>/b/31917 I was awkward as a child, so I didn't interact much, so my social skills developed slower. This caused the gap to widen, so I wi
>>/b/31916 >>31912 I'm not trash talking to change minds. It never ceases to amaze me that there are grown adults who can't cook for thems
>>/b/31915 >>31914 >>31909 plus ze jews
>>/b/31914 >>31909 there were multiple religions in Europe, the islamic conquests entered france you had various sorts of pagan traditi
>>/b/31913 >>31911 I never said frozen processed garbage was food though.
>>/b/31912 >>31911 okay some abnormality exists with someone for some reason but you guys are stupid for trashtalking as if that's gonna d
>>/b/31911 >>31903 You're taking the piss but there are people who don't make anything at home that they didn't get in the freezer aisle.
>>/lounge/119 How way everyone day today?
>>/c/1604 Let me explain why CrowfeatheR is the greatest band of all the time. Most people think when they sing "shake that ass" they are
>>/b/31910 AHS is boring ass shit. Any drama is just rich people pretending to be scared.
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