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>>/r/2862 >>2861 moving character(will redo), basic attacking(will redo), mapped out areas(defunked), about 1000 low quality models from o
>>/r/2861 >>2857 What have you finished in the game? and some advice. Don't try and throw all the pieces of the game together at once,
>>/porn/766 Franzis geile dicke Titten knapp verpackt
>>/porn/765 und zeigt auch sonst ihre geilen Euter gerne knapp bedeckt
>>/porn/764 Franziska Schrader läßt tief blicken...
>>/r/2858 Do you know a single person for whom you have no reason to hate them?
>>/r/2857 >200 word limit I guess astrochan is turning into twitter so i'll do my general here I haven't worked on my game seriously sinc
>>/r/2856 A special place
>>/r/2855 >>2849
>>/r/2854 >>2850
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