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>>/b/34269 **Cringe. All he is is cringe when he doesn't have my (You)s to bounce off of.**
>>/b/34268 >>34262 You should seriously consider wearing pants if your going to let your cat sit on your lap like that.
>>/b/34267 >>34264 Get your ID first then I'll think about it.
>>/b/34266 >>34262 (shallow cuts but shallow blade) V(^-^)V
>>/b/34265 >>34263 Only came once I should mention.
>>/b/34264 >>34259 So we can party and then you can shoot us all
>>/b/34263 >>34233 Only time I did meth was with my lady friend a few years back. Can't remember what we combo's with tbh. Anyways we ended
>>/b/34262 >>34249 >>34256 sickos >:(
>>/b/34261 >>34260 We used a roller belt mostly. And no, it's 100% backroom. I'd actually love to at least step outside of that place for
>>/b/34260 >>34258 Do you unload with a pump truck or do they cuck you and make you do it by hand, or with one of those roller belts? You d
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