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/wai/ #200 JunoExpert 02/09/2019 (Sat) 19:48:19 No. 3016
Ye Olde Who's Going To Read This Text Anyway? Edition

I wish I could come up with something good, since this is the first thread I'm creating, but my attention is fractured between 4 different things right now, so I can't really come up with any funny or original. I can only hope that none of you'll read this useless wall of text - but then I should choose really pretty pictures as the OP as distractions. That will be hard, so many different tastes here...

So, how did I performed?
7.6/10 OP, a bit on the safe side, but good humor.

Reminder that the qt grill from The Exorcist (the one in the flashback) is in a sci-fi movie called Prospect.
Open file (349.16 KB 1280x536 882.jpg)
Thank you!

She's got nice eyebrows.
Open file (13.52 KB 295x292 1407092888623.jpg)
>two threads in a row with ellen in the OP
Open file (1.62 MB 2640x3960 ggfJWkC2_o.jpg)
Title is more promising than the facts.
really? I thought parts of it were pretty spicy. practically confirming that most of their younger employees are the same kind of people they have in Gawker or Buzzfeed
Open file (79.49 KB 929x612 Sophie Thatcherˍ.jpg)
I mean as far as their "stance". He just vaguely said that its not to be a safe space and yada yada, but its not like they are really doing something to improve it.
Was The Times part of the recent wave of firings?
>meme cup sucking
Why are women so dum?
feeling patriotic now
"Cumpleanos", why? We call it "aniversario", americans call it "birthdays". Cumpleanos sounds like life is jail and you celebrate being closer to your release sentence.
> black actor who was literally lynched was lying
Imagine muy spock.
*그녀는 너의 목구멍에 막대기를 밀어 넣는다*
>вам это нравитcя aнoн?
>He also still refuses to give his phone to police, despite claiming it has evidence on it
lol I'm guessing his phone has all sorts of special things on it

>black girls
Not in particular.
>hoop earings
>big mouth latinas
Yeah, sure.
8/tv/ is a peculiar board.
That's a nice archive
I'd publicly hang the people who made those filters.
>cup sucking
Sounds dirty.
Yiss. Yiss. Nein.
>ywn boil in the same car as Dakota
Strange name. Nice eye-liner.
It is.
She's like Billie Piper mixed with NoSmilesGirl.
muh dickkkkkk
ever so subtle
Open file (137.56 KB 604x604 omg4.jpg)
Open file (1.43 MB 1920x1080 1549676529656.png)
Ugly bikini bottoms on beautiful slut
Open file (566.67 KB 1920x1080 italian mobster noises.jpg)
>Italy seems fun.
Check this then:
I would.
Nice. But I doubt they have fiber.
Open file (55.48 KB 538x807 smoking2.jpg)
I'm sure they have nice food with lots of fiber.
I don't understand.
I wish she'd show more tits.
Open file (151.30 KB 1080x1080 1549802793628-3.jpg)
>"So you'll buy them all anon right?"

wasn't me
Open file (26.00 KB 400x510 Allison39.jpg)
Ayy Lmao?
me on the right
Open file (26.13 KB 121x144 do not want.png)
Literally me.
Open file (153.83 KB 1080x1080 1544553698332-0.jpg)
where are the sweaty pics?
this is a worksafe board
Open file (68.50 KB 303x711 feet guy.jpg)
Open file (121.57 KB 706x1024 1534139794027.jpg)
Open file (117.06 KB 683x1024 1546448210075 (1).jpg)
who would you say is she a morph of with? Emma Roberts + _ ?
Open file (881.59 KB 745x748 1549114851473.png)
kind of, too

it just struck me -- SYLVIA HOEKS. she looks 100% like a morph of Emma Roberts and Sylvia Hoeks morphed together, would you agree
Could fit if toned down a lot, Sylvia has a very unique face shape, which that girl doesn't. Halston Sage would fit as well.
>early reports on alita are that it doesn't suck
I'm skeptic.

>these two enter in a stare contest
Who wins?
i hope that it is good. i want to watch something cool with robots
>Daddario uses PETRIFY
>It's very effective
>girl refers to herself in 3rd person
Emma also does this
dem hips

>it's chaos
>take me back to NYC

I think it's pretty common. it's sort of like the white girl version of
>be me
Open file (150.23 KB 1920x1080 96718394_evcbs0214_14.jpg)
He wants to thrust himself into Emma's mouth.
Open file (306.01 KB 693x655 1549247527158.jpg)
is it just a form of humbleness? as not to sound narcissistic?

this took me a while...
I don't think so. They probably just think it's amusing.
normies are so weird
Aren't they, cam? Aren't they?
9/10 shirt humor. Would be 10 if it said "my boobs are down here".
Open file (947.19 KB 500x258 1409184105498.gif)
Open file (254.29 KB 838x629 story_elizabeth.png)
Open file (753.22 KB 1920x1080 21.jpg)
cam, our tastes are disturbingly similar...
*stares at her neck*
Hah. Checkmate.
Open file (2.17 MB 640x1136 1549821190918.mp4)
SUP. how the weekend been? you should have been a chiropractor you know
Open file (1006.54 KB 500x250 breakfast_club_ally.gif)
It's been good. Did some work and made some money. You?

And why a chiropractor?
Open file (166.16 KB 1080x1350 1549474623957-1.jpg)
the money part sounds kewl. read a bunch and watched some movies mostly enjoying the weekend before i get busy this week

have you never seen these? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rWJE-TPXFy4
getting these done on you by a good one is better than a massage
Open file (90.09 KB 1152x768 2866429h768.jpg)
Open file (136.34 KB 1280x542 little birds0232.jpg)
Someone said on /tv/ that it has blatant lies in it. Is that true?
She should sleep more.
She shouldn't wear a hat that casts so much shadow on her face. Or is this a "look how manly I am" thing? Does she want to get bald?
Open file (168.87 KB 1080x1350 1549835618285.jpg)
Open file (159.04 KB 1080x1350 1549835855729.jpg)
Open file (148.43 KB 1080x1349 1549837378494.jpg)
Open file (189.31 KB 1080x1349 1549837630299.jpg)
she cute
Open file (910.88 KB 1802x2700 cwH0NmZd_o.jpg)
yeah. she is.
you like lindsay? do you like Caitlin Fitzgerald also? she looks a lot like Liz i think, and she is tall as well
Open file (80.05 KB 740x833 740full-lexee-smith.jpg)
Open file (105.76 KB 740x833 740full-lexee-smithv.jpg)
damn Lexee looks like that?

night, cc
Open file (542.10 KB 1086x1609 Dy5eY3fU0AA3xeo.jpg)
In a more just world Lexee, Chloe, and Jordyn would be in a lesbian thruple.
Open file (713.60 KB 1492x980 loren lexee.webm)
instead she became Loren's lesbian slave
Open file (179.14 KB 2040x1360 1549883120551.jpg)
Not a bad trade
Open file (75.57 KB 400x600 wasser3.jpg)
I have a question for ye, especially for the Natalie Alyn Lind-poster dude who has a gf and a car, but anyone else, please feel free to answer!

I'll have a "date" on Thursday, but it's not intended to be a Valentine's Day date. Should I act like I have no idea about what day it is? Should I bring it up? It would be strange. Should I wait for the girl to bring it up? She's not that type, I think.
Its pretty common for singles to "find a date for valentines day", but as far as saying something like "happy valentines" to her, it depends on local customs.
Open file (251.25 KB 1000x563 3Qwr8dKnOgg.jpg)
I see kota is working on humanitarian high-IQ movies for enlightened people like herself.
>Someone said on /tv/ that it has blatant lies in it. Is that true?
I'm not an academic of the source material, but considering what you are citing, odds are they are mad because its not full of /x/ retarded theories and stuff. But nobody expects shows like these to be accurate, its just a meme because its the HISTORY channel.

>Does she want to get bald?
too late
Open file (56.52 KB 741x600 this is bad.jpg)
Can't really say that's a helpful advice.
She really looks out of place and Jewish there.
That's the politically correct way of saying "nigger movie"?
>that spoiler
She's a pretty great actress.

>That's the politically correct way of saying "nigger movie"?
B L A C K E D kino
Open file (234.89 KB 756x1072 India Eisley4.jpg)
>She's a pretty great actress.
If you have a face like that, you don't need any talent.
No, I've never seen those.
It sounds like a good gig now that I think about it. You get to make qts feel better through touching them. And that chubby guy has a pretty cool table.
Her mother was famous for being pretty, but she wasn't as good as her in acting. In a fair world she would be big.
Open file (255.19 KB 661x796 bueno2.jpg)
>age: 25
What? She looks so much younger.
>her mom is Juliet in that old Romeo and Juliet movie
:1 She was hot once.
would any of you be interested in, or would a program be useful to you, for (desktop) notifications for chan-type boards? for example, you would want to be notified whenever somebody makes a thread on 4chan/tv/ about your waifu, or makes a post mentioning her (for now, it is only a textual match, but could be expanded for filename matches or md5 matches) but it could be any match; you can customize it however you want. from what i can tell most chans have the same structure, so it would work on 4chan, spacechan, on wikieat/cel/, and on others, too. it is only windows based. or any opinions or on this in general. also maybe something like this already exists and i'm unaware
Why make it as a executable and not an extension/script that is less intrusive and maybe uses less resources?
Open file (42.59 KB 400x300 434.jpg)
And most IBs have a JSON api, so you could use that as well, but maybe its less practical for your purpose.
fetch('https://8ch.net/tv/0.json‘).then((resp) => resp.json()).then(function(data) {console.log(data)})
fetch('https://spacechan.xyz/wai/1.json‘).then((resp) => resp.json()).then(function(data) {console.log(data)})
i don't know how to make an extension, hehe. also you wouldn't have to have your browser running all the time, if it's not built into the browser, so it would work independently of that.

>JSON api
that is what i'm using. most chan-imageboards seem to have that built into the software? i thought it could be interesting to expand this "globally", since there is a list of all chan-boards; you theoretically could crawl all of them if they have the same JSON structure

>fetch('https://8ch.net/tv/0.json‘).then((resp) => resp.json()).then(function(data) {console.log(data)})
this is javascript? can i execute this in a browser?
Yes, you can execute in the console (f12).
is that pink mountain girl?
she kinda cute.
not usually a fan of vs models as their hair and makeup usually make them look soulless.

damn they even have the same nose. kinda makes me feel strange; i am loyal to liz. thanks for the recommendations.

if it were me, i would say, "happy valentine's day", during the farewell.

i'm an amateur; what information would that store to alert you about your waifu?

also i would use this as i have probably spent hours searching for bicki threads on 4/tv/
Hi. Is this the same people as waifuist.pro?
thanks. i will look into this

>what information would that store to alert you about your waifu?
from what i understand, a md5 uniquely identifies a pic, or a file in general, with a checksum. for example the pic of Cate you posted would have the md5 of "9Q_6DHIO21TOK9oJ4CyXpQ" though this would change if you modified the image just by a pixel, then it would have a different checksum. (you can drag and drop it into the "image hash" section on 4plebs.org to see its md5 checksum). for example if you wanted to see all instances where someone posted the giv.png frog, you could search for its md5 checksum like this: http://archive.4plebs.org/tv/search/image/2Hx1zd0H0AoNnYW2v2ZysA/
meaning, whenever this exact picture of Cate were be posted anywhere you could be notified of it
Open file (122.33 KB 836x877 1150-felicity-jones.jpg)
post kids, receive (You)s
hello. no, we are different posters; though some people who post here, post on waifuist as well i think
Open file (371.95 KB 1920x1080 smiley.jpg)
That is good advice, the best so far!
>post kids
How about no? That's a different board, where they do that...
You don't win this mug.
Open file (3.34 MB 640x1136 next victim.mp4)
Sure Kara is beautiful, but how does she feel about biting?
I didn't know you were Hungarian. My grandfather was from Hungary.
Open file (192.06 KB 933x1400 Gianfranco Ferre FW10.jpg)
ah that's what md5 is. thanks for the info, cam.

woohoo! hope it helps.
God im so happy saoirse left this shit gig
Open file (34.87 KB 660x275 kong skull island 03.jpg)
Sweetness in the Belly ;^)
Open file (960.97 KB 1920x1036 402.jpg)
That's pretty nice. My grandfather was a Hungarian too!
I'm very bad at this game...
>Gianfranco Ferre FW10.jpg
Pretty strange name for a woman.
Well yeah thats the movie dakota took over
Open file (86.40 KB 311x340 64d.png)
Worst title ever.
Only reason Kota is not a drop yet is because The Alienist was good and she is doing a new season.
Open file (310.24 KB 1361x2050 BarbaraPalvin.jpg)
explain this leg slutism
I'm surprised she's wearing pants there.
Open file (1.55 MB 1280x720 autism.mp4)
yeah and all denim too she looks ready for a trip down road 66 in the back of my harley
It's Route 66, ya commie spy.
Her hair would look good blowing in the wind, but you would probably want something more comfortable and protective than a bike.
Open file (56.92 KB 805x1006 1549910868535-0.jpg)
fuck i'm craving bone marrow really badly rn

>on ROAD 66
>go 150km/h wild on beautiful monument valley
>look at the backseat
>no phoebe
>oh god i forgot her at the truckstop
>get gun from the trunk and go back Badlands style ready for some blood
Open file (82.12 KB 1080x1080 mfZwwgxgAGw.jpg)
have you seen badlands btw?
Open file (167.29 KB 1000x1500 Florence PughˍcRp9VNz.jpg)
Woa, Puppinia Stewart looking good.
I haven't. What is it about?

And don't you mean LORRY LOUNGE?
You should try Bone broth from Infowars.com
Open file (90.81 KB 1280x720 1549077558591.jpg)

i see it

it's a bonny and clyde type story with mass shooting and 70's car chases with gorgeous cinematography you'd probably love it

classy way to call a open whorehouse

nah bone broth is gross just straight up eat the bone marrow or get out
Open file (153.92 KB 1920x798 938.jpg)
Badlands 1973? You're right it looks tailor made for me lol.
Open file (99.06 KB 960x1707 1547022558792-0.jpg)
lol yeah it's a pretty nuts movie
Open file (112.29 KB 1000x1362 1423942471012.jpg)
Have you seen Vanishing Point from '71? It's one of my favorites and is from the same era.
>Vanishing Point
i haven't but maximum trip at maximum speed sounds like a deal i'll watch it later this week
> 5 minutes later
tfw you want to play some vidya and then you remember that your 360 broke more than a year ago and all your save data over a decade of gaming is gone forever
Open file (401.42 KB 1680x2311 glamour_82.jpg)
It's good stuff if you like themes of social alienation, anti authority, and car chases.
Can't say they ain't putting the Nacon on the table.
Open file (775.01 KB 1520x2279 1549858595134.jpg)
Open file (1.58 MB 1367x2048 1549420866377.jpg)
Open file (1.46 MB 1363x2048 1549420878379.jpg)
Open file (1.78 MB 1997x2048 1549420889808.jpg)
Open file (1.67 MB 2048x1363 1549420900558.jpg)
seen these? how long would she fare under the arizona sun? didn't you guys use to burry people up to their neck cut off their eyelids and let them rot until they turn blind and die of thirst
not that i want to do any of that to her
dance a ballet for me bb

more like 5 seconds later

I don't get it
Its a saying "put the bacon on the table", like, provide for the family. And then Nacon->Bacon, because meats and stuff.
oh, I didn't know that was her name. kind of a weird one, never seen it before
Open file (237.84 KB 1200x1792 natalie neck.jpg)
I've never heard of that specific way to kill someone.
And not long before I wife her and take her somewhere north that whites can call home
Depends on how well you know the girl and who suggested the date. At the very least, it's the basis for a good joke if you can muster the self-confidence. Eg, "going on a date with me on Valentine's Day - you must be pretty keen."

Also my car was bought by my parents when I was 17 and they were still together. Until fairly recently I'd spent my entire adult life on neetbux.
>Comanches put the prisoner to work digging a hole, telling him they needed it for a religious ceremony. When the captive, using a knife and his hands, had completed digging a pit about five feet deep, they bound him with rope, placed him in it, filled the hole with dirt, packing it around his body and exposed head. They then scalped him and cut off his ears, nose, lips, and eyelids. Leaving him bleeding, they rode away, counting on the sun and insects to finish their work for them
have some native pride idiot
Open file (98.39 KB 1080x725 Dy75t0vU0AMXTrp.jpeg)
Open file (118.79 KB 680x680 Dyz6vYXU8AAZvQp.jpeg)
This whole bitcoin lost password/ theft story is hilarious.
Open file (763.90 KB 1280x1824 1402951955071.jpg)
Oh. I've heard about the burial part with captors putting honey on the buried man's head to encourage the insects, but hadn't heard it with scalping.
Those damned whites must have been really evil to make the Commanche do something like that.

Mackenzie's lips always look so dry. She needs to find a more suitable environment imo.
this whole mining thing is such cancer and a waste
even after a decade all these cryptocoins are only used to speculate and launder money. there's a bitcoin atm near where i live and sometimes looking at who uses it is funny in a sad way

has nothing on scaphism tbh

do people have basements where you live? or is it like in florida where very specific climate makes it impossible to build any
Open file (70.64 KB 750x488 download (1).jpg)
"The full-blood Indian rarely works himself and but few of them make their slaves work. A slave among wild Indians is almost as free as his owner."

Open file (59.77 KB 435x630 native-americans-07.jpg)
Y'all should watch the latest Outlander season. Full of native fun.
Usually we don't have basements. Florida doesn't because most of florida is at sea level and basements would flood. We just have no need because we don't get many tornadoes.

I've heard of scaphism once before. Shit like that takes too much time and effort. The Nazis with their 150,000 jew/hour ovens had the right idea imo.
>sometimes looking at who uses it is funny in a sad way
why? do they look like lolifox posters? ehehehe

cute pics
none of these girls look like sacheen littlefeather i was lied to
Open file (821.94 KB 1536x2300 1529868565468.jpg)
What do lolifox posters look like?
Open file (138.27 KB 1126x674 Dymoi_7UcAAAdGp.jpg)
>watch a nightflyers early-post-mortem video
Boi, I'm glad I skipped that one on the first episode.
Open file (114.85 KB 630x862 face up to violence.jpg)
Hehe. Isn't the purple hair guy from buzzfeed or some shit?
From Riot Games, actually.
In case anyone wants to see the trainwreck.

Obviously, full spoilers ahead.
Go back to GoT, fat fuck.
>"I used to be on tv you know"
Open file (1.49 MB 1018x1080 smile.webm)
But he looks so non toxic!
What is his name so I can read the lulz?
Open file (196.70 KB 742x742 Thomas-Cheung.jpg)
Also, I cited the wrong studio, its Hi-Rez Studios.
Open file (733.99 KB 640x360 Kristin Duncil.mp4)
>economy minister wants to end some anti-dumping laws, specifically around milk (or powdered milk?) like NZ did when it had went broke from being full-brazil
>farmer lobby goes fucking mental
>news publish that Bolsonaro had backed off with that
>via twitter, Bolsonaro denies having backed down, doubles down
Dis gonna be gud.
for a second i though mp4 was your economy minister
Nah. But he makes me just as hard when talking dirty.
Here's an interview in english.

Image translation:
"I said that we had to sell all state companies, but naturally our president and military look to some of them foundly, like children, because they are the ones who created them. But I tell them, look, your sons ran away and today they are drug addicts."
Open file (271.38 KB 1199x1600 1450793858282.jpg)
What are some things I can to do to make money or entertain myself with a box full of 4000ma li-polymer battery packs?

I already plan on making some power bank phone chargers.
Open file (82.37 KB 1080x895 1549924767174.jpg)
i love clavicles!!!
Open file (267.53 KB 750x963 1547927953158-2.jpg)
early christmas decorations?

look at this pervert
Maybe refurb stuff from ebay and use them as replacement?
Open file (208.06 KB 1800x1200 seth meyers interview 69.jpg)
Yea maybe. At the very least I could sell them as-is on ebay.
Open file (31.82 KB 260x419 clajzy Rae3.jpg)
That's such an idiotic name. Nice pic though. She was in Budapest last year, I should have met her...
Thanks, I know you will say something good.
Eh, I'm that for like 2 months now and it's bad...
She looks like that Alita thing, just she's not CGI. Scary.
You still believe she is Best Fanning?
No idea who that is.
Now THAT I must look up! She's :1
>he makes me just as hard when talking dirty
Throw them at people!
light of my life
Would invite to a cup of tea/10


Mind if I ask you about /ent/ here? It's really nice to see that it's still in existence, but I don't remember how it all happened. Why did we left? Why did I left?
>Would invite to a cup of tea/10
it's very kind of you to say nice things about her, shammy. I appreciate it.

>Why did we left? Why did I left?
I have no idea. I don't even remember much from that era tbh. You say it's still running? Is it active?
fire of my loins tbh
Open file (88.08 KB 640x640 Juno kiss2.jpg)
It's not active, just it's not deleted either.
>it's very kind of you to say nice things about her
If I like, I will say so.
Damn it...
Too thin for my taste, but the gap between her legs is nice.
Open file (78.39 KB 516x768 6x188i.jpg)
nice poster
Open file (1.66 MB 2774x3787 8a05341119716184.jpg)
Open file (1.51 MB 2400x3735 AcSYgsuR_o.jpg)
Open file (923.39 KB 3087x2286 aPVBRAQF_o.jpg)
Open file (1.29 MB 3000x2650 3KuzNwOa_o.jpg)
tfw mogged and double mogged
Open file (203.10 KB 1367x2048 c4042e1122754774.jpg)
Needs to continue on more and more explicit
i think she maybe would, but i assume that's the lewdest she can post without it getting deleted. she alread censored her nip in the 2nd pic
>You still believe she is Best Fanning?
That was just a joke, she didn't dye her hair, yet.
And maybe. Elle still hasn't surpassed Kota's childhood acting.

tldr: new posters from the exodus were being assholes, forming cliques on steam or whatever and fabricating non-sense drama towards specific old users who they wanted to push out, including you. Very manipulative bastards, but at the time I couldn't quite put my finger on why, now we know.
So we moved out, and made that chat/chan hibrid system. The /ent/ board existed as a backup for when we had downtimes.
Open file (1.64 MB 1920x1080 caafd31122492454.png)
Is that butt pic the lewdest butt pic of her there is?
i guess it depends on what you define as lewd
oh you meant *butt* pic. probably, yes. i don't remember any other bare butt pics of her
Jeez I haven't seen that one before
Open file (992.78 KB 960x720 NYWjieX.mp4)
Not my edit.
that last frame is so good
Open file (300.05 KB 1048x1080 02.jpg)
Open file (557.67 KB 1208x1080 01.jpg)
Open file (544.24 KB 1920x1080 03.jpg)
First Mccain and now this Mark Kelly fag.
What is it with AZ and bald boomer welfare queen fighter pilots? Our retiree population needs to be retired.

This makes me feel better.
Open file (680.36 KB 1920x1080 succubused.jpg)
aha, that sounds interesting. i will look into that site.

the screenshots are from a 1080p bluray source

there was a study that claimed people who regularly look at bare breasts have a longer life expectancy
Open file (147.41 KB 1280x688 HSBewcJZ_o.jpg)
Open file (126.67 KB 1280x688 OmLobcjz_o.jpg)
Open file (89.99 KB 1280x688 mqaXzURm_o.jpg)
Open file (102.53 KB 1280x688 jK9gtwTI_o.jpg)
Open file (141.84 KB 1280x688 S7xcagbo_o.jpg)
Open file (993.53 KB 1943x2286 aPVBRAQF_o e.jpg)
Open file (923.39 KB 3087x2286 aPVBRAQF_o.jpg)
rate photoshop idea
Dangerously tumblr fetish photoshop territory.
should be her little sister on the left
Open file (95.77 KB 800x1200 DvvX0ocU0AAvf2q.jpg)
yes, it definitely is. she really must be wealthy. so many products i started laughing.

those shrugs/shoulder movements

thanks, i know what i'll be watching in between homework today.
Do you monitor the Hunger Games on 8chan? I've noticed last time, when looking at the participants, that basically every second board is an anime board. Why can't these people join forces and populate one big board? This is not hating on anime, I just can't understand...
she a real model she needs all that crap
watch her vegan recipes its always delicious
I don't. Don't even know what it is about.
Anime 'friends' tend to circlejerk. Its not that different from us, but they are more numerous.
"my skin feels so plump and juicy"
Why do girls pretend to wear clothes?
Still more clothes than I'd like tbqhwyl.

8chan animeposter here, /a/ managed to get the classic name and is a legacy board so they can't be defeated, but they are managed by totalitarians who will ban you for the tiniest bit of shitposting or going off on a tangent. They even have a robot which bans you for spelling errors and using abbreviations/acronyms. Everyone hates them but it's harder than it should be to get a massive board migration going.
Open file (51.13 KB 467x554 DviZrr8XQAUBinR.jpg)
I think 8ch should automatically list all competing boards on the header of every board, non-optional. But they don't even care anymore.
If /ent/ is allowed maybe we should change our name, tighten up our rules re underage, and move back to 8ch? I would be around a lot more if that were the case.
i've always seen /wai/ on spacechan as something temporary. not many people around here. i hope we can move to 8chan soon.
you heard me
I consider 8ch compromised. I only support its /tv/ because 4chan is even worse and the community can migrate eventually.
>I would be around a lot more if that were the case.

yeah this. don't really want to go back there. they clearly don't want us.
I hope so too, or at least a site without the horrific themes and with Clover and favicon functionality.
Open file (606.36 KB 2822x3394 epJGmDRl_o.jpg)
that was in response to doc's post, my bad
Open file (1.91 MB 745x671 1550012586884.png)
Because Spacechan is obviously distinct from 4chan/8ch due to the shitty themes (making it obvious when trying to hide activity from gf), it has no favicon functionality so I can't tell when replies are coming in, and it doesn't work on Clover so it's painful to access on mobile.

Honestly not sure 4/tv/ is worse. I have been enjoying the POP threads recently in particular.
I'm not talking about the posters. Talking about the staff.
I could fix 2 of those problems.
Open file (416.59 KB 1280x1918 5dac36410659748.jpg)
did you choose that pic because you were replying to me?
spacechan does allow custom themes and I'm sure you can find the Tomorrow or Yotsuba B CSS somewhere. others may be able to help with the other two issues
The pleb filters working well
Open file (288.53 KB 1000x1166 1549997392064.jpg)
No that was for Doc with regards to the great POP.

I can't though, and for me the clover one is the biggest because I'm almost never on my desktop PC anymore. Things will be better in winter when it's not 40 degrees plus in the study but until then I am primarily a phoneposter.
I use dash here and plain browser on 8ch, no app shows the last replies without opening thread by thread. They all suck.
Dash is also what I use for her but it's nowhere near as good as clover and it's a pain having to use two apps. By showing last replies do you mean hiding all but the last few posts? Why do you need that? The apps shouldn't chew up your phone processing power.
Funny, she looks just like a model I made inspired by her looks once in this new pic.
I don't want to have to open the threads to see what are the new posts. In the default layout its so much easier, you just scroll and see everything that is new right away.
I tried Clover, and I don't see much difference from Dash as far as navigation goes, its advantage is in posting?
All work and no waifu makes Jack a dull boy.
tfw no wife, children or black mentalist to murder
at least dont have to worry with having a wife ending up like shelley duvall
Open file (340.83 KB 1365x2048 1549925330182.jpg)
damn she really likes cinnamon.

i also thought this was a little lewd.

very fitting
Open file (145.85 KB 1200x1200 1549551988985.jpg)
only way you'll ever get her that lewd again is with the best acai bowl a man can make
I'd rather have a comfy winter waifu vacation than to murder people.
Lewd but true. Hearing her say that makes it difficult to not think of biting her.
It's laid out a lot better. If you try using them both for a lot of boards a lot of the time you'll get really frustrated with Dashchan. Posting is a big one but the navigation is also annoying in Dashchan.
Open file (1.39 MB 1120x1080 Rotate4.webm)
I'll have to come up with a great sales pitch with "organic" and "responsibly sources" and all that. And one of those wooden bowls.
Open file (9.49 KB 480x360 hqdefault.jpg)
I know, right?
Just call it a fruit bowl ya freaks.
3 steps ahead of you just pottered a bowl with hearts and phoebe written all over it
Open file (69.64 KB 705x608 time's up.jpg)
Yea well does it have bees on it? Everybody knows she likes bees.
Open file (187.34 KB 1024x1820 lily kruk so nervous.jpg)
She makes such cute/funny faces
Open file (258.99 KB 1080x1350 1528017709767.jpg)
i plan on getting a hive when i get a house tbh
deal done already with phoebe

did you know her father is a elvis impersonator?
Yeah I had heard that before. He sounds really cool imo. I wonder if there's any videos of him performing out there.

How is the housing market in your area? I'm still waiting for the correction.
How to Yotsuba in Spacechan:
>copy this to your UserCSS in settings:
>copy this to your UserJS:
var t = document.querySelector('link[href="/wai/custom.css"]'); t.parentElement.removeChild(t);

I'll make a less convoluted version later.
I don't mean copy the link, btw. The code inside it.
Open file (2.07 MB 640x1136 lily kruk denim.webm)
Well shit, I imagine this is him.
something like this https://www.seloger.com/immobilier/achat/immo-beziers-34/bien-maison/
but it's southern france where prices are retarded
i'm moving to auvergne which is more in the countryside and prices are way lower when i get the job i want

lmao that's great >singing one of elvis' hack stolen songs tho
Looks pretty horrific, can you get rid of the awful neon orange and green borders? Or alternatively just use the Tomorrow theme?
jesus that's a deep voice. more of a kaufmann impersonator
>neon orange and green borders
Uh, you should also select the "default" theme on the board. Forgot to mention.
Me in the white shirt

Those prices don't seem too horrific. Though I agree the countryside is best for keeping bees and waifus. If it weren't for all the illegals inflating the market where I am I'd have my own batcave by now.

Kaufmann? I'm too pleb to know of him.
Open file (227.26 KB 1904x988 screenie.jpg)
I am. I have your custom script in the JS though, for image hover etc.
the lesbian? nice school shooter haircut
keep in mind people here don't make as much as americans. you are paid less because less expenses like education or healthcare that are paid through taxes but that means paying off big loans takes ages
Open file (122.19 KB 1053x748 ofdk.jpg)
This is how it is supposed to look if you get it right. But like I said, I'll try to make it less shit later.
Open file (5.54 MB 640x1136 lily kruk piercing.webm)
We do keep more of our money, but idk exactly how that compares with how much you guys keep. And thank you :3

>darn goblina botching Lily's ear
Open file (145.50 KB 466x808 1550029552160.jpg)
Open file (152.42 KB 1140x640 1550029501818.jpg)
Open file (657.03 KB 1800x1208 1550023824032.jpg)
Anyone planning on giving Starz's newest a show a go in a few weeks? I like their style, if you catch my drift.
I'll watch the webms
Open file (12.26 KB 165x228 üüürrr.jpg)
>they clearly don't want us.
That's horseshit. The kind of boards that are allowed are way worse than we could ever be. They just hate on everything and everyone, especially people who want to enjoy themselves...
Open file (93.62 KB 785x1024 1549995900746m.jpg)
do any of you have any insight into this? i only read the compilation of the text messages she sent to him, encouraging him to kill himself. what was her motivation for doing it? she's cute
Your 8ch stalker is quite funny. Has no idea of what day Valentines day is, very low reading comprehension, seems to have some paranoid delusion that you are after him, seems to imply to know you from before but doesn't really know anything, so maybe its second hand knowledge, like someone from 4keks. The "kek" tripname seems to imply that.
Open file (160.77 KB 1024x682 scared4.jpg)
Could we speak on Steam or Skype?
where on 8ch are you posting? 8tv?
Once steam updates itself for the 923049230490234th time.
Open file (631.74 KB 5312x2988 1511568525763.jpg)
oh. it looks like raven poster is famous over there
Open file (77.19 KB 920x519 093.jpg)
Open file (356.01 KB 1500x1170 now kiss.png)
Are you man enough to handle this much brow power?
did she exaggerate her eyebrows as a joke or is it real?
>getting stalked by dvt

i don't think you can say that yet
wtf did you send her this time
Open file (965.91 KB 1280x720 la jeanne.png)
morph of maddie ziegler and natalie dormer has been completed
I think its just the angle/light making it a bit more big. No makeup.
R u black
I see Amanda Seyfried + Natalie Dormer.
Open file (1.98 MB 4096x6144 1404581957495.jpg)
An invitation
From the waist down
an dickpick? knew it
you're such a idiot
Open file (53.33 KB 640x628 DzT26fpUUAADwij.jpg)
It's disgusting thinking about how many of those she gets already.
Jesus Christ

I bet he would though lol
nice view
Don't be gay, buy from rossmangroup dot com today.
Looks like a wounded gazelle covered in bbq sauce

I almost bought that flux from him because I was having trouble soldering some steel together.
Open file (2.91 MB 540x960 badboy thot.webm)
kind of dress she has with these thin strings always give me anxiety can you imagine them breaking and her being half naked hahahaha
The humble flux salesman.
Bunny Quads.
Just one little string easily broken by hand.
To me it's lewder that she's not nude yet showing so much delicious skin.
getting ready for the weekend yet?
Open file (550.14 KB 1080x1349 aimeeeast_Btueexlhdh9.jpg)
Eh not really. Though I'm getting ready to build a new engine for my car. Putting a parts list together.

That's a really nice pic even if it's small.
Open file (85.71 KB 511x488 whatever you say.jpg)
Open file (122.86 KB 708x692 check Elle.jpg)
>it clearly says Miu Miu
It's a big bottle
Good job!
Open file (678.14 KB 2000x3000 hi bye4.jpg)
It seems like when the picture is not blurry as hell and doesn't have some stupid filter on, she actually looks good. Her eyes are incredibly big.
Hello there!
stupid normie with his normie sleep schedule

yeah she has a pretty face
:( when can I?
she is perfect. I'd like to see her doing her pilates ;) what age?
please tell me this girl is under 18
Fuck off.
:1 What movie is that?
Wrong website, fellow European...
Emily is lewding on a show called "The Affair".

Also, this scene without the scars.
R8 waifu's kino taste.
Open file (41.09 KB 600x600 Apheta face3.png)
I'd examine her tongue with mine.
Seems like she doesn't like to be thrilled or made laugh. Weird.
Deerhunter is thrilling, if its the '78 one.

Its not unusual for women to be more into drama, but at least she doesn't seem into pozz/propaganda and has her own artistic taste.
7/10 not bad for some stacey

yeah I was going to say that's fine. plenty of people are mainly into dramas, especially women.
Open file (160.65 KB 1031x560 134.jpg)
The women I know are not really like that.
>me on the left, the women I know on the right
There are a few girls more into action and thrill, but more often they want to be your waifu, so they carefully tailor their tastes to please men.
Those aren't necessarily bad, but you should expect them to eventually change quite a bit.
Open file (2.57 MB 3280x4928 9cbeae869736244.jpg)
damn shammy you need to start taking better care of yourself

my mom always enjoyed action movies, she's one of the rare exceptions I guess
Open file (410.16 KB 867x1080 Kacey Rohlˍ8R68iKgFilA.jpg)
Mine likes pretty action movies, like Into the Badlands, Heero, some Jackie Chan/etc movies, LotR, etc.. more gritty and war stuff not so much. She does like korean stuff tho, regardless of the violence. "as long as its not pointless".

But she likes animations the most, well produced ones, 3D stuff, etc... she likes expensive/fancy stuff.
lol I think my mom prefers that the violence be pointless. the plot just gets in the way. but she's capable of enjoying deeper movies too. my dad can hardly handle anything more complex than Commando. I don't think he's dumb at all, but for some reason he consistently fails to understand movies.

shut the fuck up.
literally take your mentally defective freak weebshit and shove it down your eye sockets
Open file (1.25 MB 1920x1040 095.jpg)
>she likes expensive/fancy stuff
Like a typical woman.
t. doesn't know a damn thing about racing
fuck I love her face. she looks young.
Open file (978.49 KB 1640x2048 Look_01_1677.jpg)
Open file (1.32 MB 1640x2048 Look_01_1743.jpg)
I like the photoshoot
>*blocks your path*
>'no valentine's date huh? let me fix that'
What's the plot here?
stick around long enough and maybe you could find out

based doc

ok, so caraposter doesn't like anime. got it.

have you seen the BAFTA pics of liz yet cam?
Open file (545.61 KB 1118x745 yiss3.jpg)
Thank you, strange alien lady, but I had a date already:1
All my ayys
She seems like a fun girl to hang out with.
These are the weirdest things posted here so far.
Gud waif.
yeaaah boi i bet that's your jam
annie doesn't seem very pleased by my valentine day's gift
Open file (34.84 KB 463x328 uncomfortable.jpg)
This doesn't seem right/is uncomfortable.
Open file (98.39 KB 424x600 tasty.jpg)
That's because flowers are the lamest from the three main gifts.
Nr 1. is the edible gift: Anything that they can eat satisfies them. I bought pizza for my date tonight.
Nr 2. is the lasting gift. If it's something that's actually useful, or they have some positive feelings towards you, they will be happy with it. It has to be small, so she can put it in her bag.
Nr 3. is the flowers. Unless you're at one of you's, she has to carry them around, or you have to carry them around for her. After that, they need some tending, then they will inevitably die in about 3 days, and then she has to clean up after them, throw them out, etc. According to book The Memoirs of Zeus, the gods favor those who carry flowers with them, but I'm pretty sure it's the least satisfying gift for a flesh and blood woman.
Gud waif 2.
I feel very comfortable looking at that.

It depends. I'm sure there are girls that love flowers because they believe in their meaning. But yeah it's obviously a meme.
Don't even consider bothering with Weird City. The trailer is deceiving. Its pure pozz.
traps are gay btw
you should be drooling over cardi b btw
fack u
Open file (6.09 MB 640x360 1445050158997.webm)
Open file (55.63 KB 1023x578 vlNSjTk.jpg)
y u slagpost
Night, degenerates.
Open file (61.50 KB 604x453 hYYrAKu.jpg)
Open file (95.42 KB 1080x1080 Junom.jpg)
>their meaning
What's their meaning?
Like a big, juicy apple:1
Never even heared of it, but thank you.
Even that wide-faced one?
Is this confirmed?
Are you the guy who calls me a traitor on 8/tv/?
well I know red roses are supposed to represent passion. all of the common species have some meaning but I wouldn't know them. I may like trannies but I don't pretend to be a girl myself
Open file (460.99 KB 555x767 smooching noises.png)
>I may like trannies
Like your pics related?
>I don't pretend to be a girl myself
I do.
Open file (746.73 KB 1920x800 wtf pixies.jpg)
Twitter is basically "write down whatever dumb crap that comes up in your head, before you actually think about it":


It's called
>Is this confirmed?
No, but she always been very close to that actress (Torvi in Vikings) and now she is not even in the show anymore and Kat meets her on Valentines. Its interesting.
As long as it doesn't deviate from the libtard NPC narrative or it's the banhammer for you.
Open file (93.46 KB 1080x1080 lesbian kiss irl3.jpg)
>being homosex is one of the biggest trends, a way of life and actual source of income
<if she becomes homosex, all her male fans leave and the show runs to the ground
She's in a dire situation.
I've already attacked some bullshit in a non-aggressive manner, and haven't been banned after 7 years.
Men don't care if an actress is lesbian. Its women that get mad if an actor is gay.
If Anons on 8tv count as men, then I saw some complaining about Kristen Stewart, and they bash Ellen Page all the time.
Open file (1.20 MB 3500x2333 Ana de Armasˍt86h6wY.jpg)
Only because they are JUST af. Nobody complains about Cara being a lesbian.
Open file (200.37 KB 577x1080 YEEEAAH.jpg)
Disgusting white supremacists.
dropped even harder because men are statistically more likely to survive the fall
bondgirl when?
Open file (110.48 KB 740x1049 qn113vzaitg21.jpg)
Bond girls aren't all that.
The lost Fanning.
Open file (33.72 KB 640x659 RocketGroot.jpg)
Hello my babies. <3

I know I'm two months late but happy new year. It's good to be here.
post your good pics

hey forni nice to see you
how are you?
Open file (9.92 KB 134x229 oh yeah.jpg)
You're a tea-person?
Or Chloe Sevigny from the past.
Hello! Ye got my message then.
Bix nood.
yeah very much so. we also have something called 'mate cocido' here which tastes a lot like tea and I like just the same
Open file (56.68 KB 546x581 hot salad water.jpg)
Open file (187.50 KB 1080x1080 drink2.jpg)
Tea for the win!
There's this guy on JuhTube, who reviews transforming robot toys, and last year, he started to make videos, where he doesn't talk, just makes the transformations, and there's some electronic music under it.

I've watched his last video, which was like this, and nearly every commenter wants him to talk, despite the facts that
>he repeats himself
>has a weird, kinda nasal voice
>always makes bloopers, but never edits them out
>sometimes comes off like he has no idea what he's talking about
He has a small son, so I guess when he makes these videos, the kid is asleep, so he doesn't want to wake him up. Also I see that he tries sometimes, adding in some jokes or trying to actually edit a video which should be a given..., but all in all, I can't understand why people want to hear his commentary.

Another guy, similar to him, who is always like "this is a pretty good figure", no matter what he's showing, got a comment basically saying "I love how objective you are".

Maybe the people who bother to make comments at JewTube are really this stupid, and I just expect too much of them, huh?
Sup, Forny S Kennedy.
Open file (169.18 KB 848x1199 DxBsJ1NVYAEIvAI.jpg)


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no cookies?