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Disdain for Plebs Zero Cool 04/27/2018 (Fri) 09:18:32 No. 49
I hear you haven't installed Devuan yet. What's the matter with you? Is Bill Gates your pal or something? Have you not got enough of the "windows is cool, kids!" and "I sure do love the surface pro!" yet? Or have you gone the other way? Did you become autistic and not resist the gentoo maymay hard enough? You can be free as a bird and all you have to do is press install. No datamining fuckery, no manually installing the keyboard drivers, easy encryption by default... Do you even know what absolute freedom feels like? It's as if Torvalds and Stallman are taking it in turns to spank you on the bum saying that you are good for taking it like a big girl, then they hand you a free as in not systemd ice cream. It's stunningly delightful.
I tried on my rack server but it no work
Open file (38.31 KB 570x557 its_u.jpg)
I can't even see how you could break it. Stop trying to legacy boot over lan or something.
Open file (47.22 KB 1280x720 lain-glasses0.jpg)
is hp server is jus freeze cause hp compadibility poop. Muh dual quad cores
Apart from hosting game servers I can't see the point in having dual quad core anything
Web hosting?
Anime encoding?
i was just going to use it for an everyday machine lol. idk yet probs web stuff later
Is a full on rack serber
Only thing I can think to web host is a blog about mechanical engineering, wouldn't need dual quads
Only anime encoding I did was was making a dvd of full metal alchemist, didn't use dual quads
I guess I just need more creativity?

You could have bought a Sun but instead you got hp/wintel cancer
get some AMD kemo
i wasnt aware of the compadibility issues and stuff and seemed like not a bed thing at the time. I only payed 110 usd
Open file (13.35 KB 470x264 jg0hre3kf02rblb6zqjp.jpg)


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