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Zero Cool 01/24/2019 (Thu) 01:49:26 No. 162
>x86 installs the management engine
>x86 is dead
>Odroid cancels the N1
>no affordable high-powered ARM pc any more
>ARM is dead
Will this be the decade of RISC V?
No, long live x86-64.
Rock64Pro isn't fast enough for you?
pine64 has this "hey, whatever" attitude to fabricator companies

If I recall correctly Amlogic, Allwinner and MediaTek are American/Taiwanese instead of being dirty mainlanders
>ARM is dead
not even vaguely
Would any of this work OK with my Windows 3.1?
I know the thread was artificially turbo bumped by a janitor but the Odroid N2 got announced already
are you talking about my hard shilling work?
>board is still deader than x86
>"hard shilling work"
arm wont ever be a viable replacement for x86 if they dont get some standards to the systems. on a normal pc everything just works because it has a bios/efi. on arm you have thousands models and all of them need custom kernels and bootloaders and usually only support very few operating systems.
Open file (42.80 KB 500x501 balance53.jpg)
It should be fine.

> power efficiency

arm is the future
Depends on what you call "high powered" and "affordable". We provide a 16Core A72 system with 32GB of RAM and 64GB of Flash for around $1500 but it is not geared towards consumers.


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