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Stallman on "The CPU"~ Zero Cool 01/04/2019 (Fri) 01:11:40 No. 154
"You can't make your own CPU/processors."

- Richard Stallman

Open file (90.93 KB 400x400 nein.jpg)
Stallman was born March 16, 1953, in New York City, to a family of (((Jewish heritage))).
It gets better.

Stallman is openly childfree. He has urged others to not have children, viewing it as objectionable for reasons centered on family tensions and overpopulation. He argues that not having children better liberates people to find more productive ways to "make a positive contribution to the world".

Jew telling people not to reproduce, I wonder why he would say such a thing!
perhaps because of overpopulation, and because less constraints means people are better liberated to find more productive ways to improve the world
So, the highest IQ people stop reproducing (the ones who will make all these breakthroughs), while Africa explodes in population from foreign aid.
you guys are fucking retarded, israelites aren't israel, stallman is a jew but he isn't israeli imperialist swine

i'm sure you niggers prefer windows to gnu/linux because it was founded by a white man and certainly must be more safe and free from glow in the dark
its true tho but you then have to actually do something instead of just shitposting or playing games all day. a family would take your resources and time so you are less likely to do something that matters. most people with a family are just poor wageslaves that wont ever do anything that matters.
thats how it has always been. low iq people have as much kids as possible and rich high iq people often none or very few.


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