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Zero Cool 07/31/2018 (Tue) 23:43:07 No. 139
What web browser do you use? I recently installed ungoogled chromium and it works amazing! On top of that, as the name suggests, it disconnects everything related to google, and it also sets duckduckgo as the default search engine, meaning google won't be able to spy on you!
also a privacy-friendly chrome fork
Open file (29.55 KB 200x193 1493165312349.png)
My paranoia won't let me use things that google contribooted to. I use opera, which isn't much better ethically speaking. It works ok. It's got a couple interesting features, but I feel like it's mostly theater. imo there is no good browsers and it's disappointing. Everything is either bloated gecko, spyware webkit, or outdated crap. Even roll your own pretty much forces you to use webkit unless you want to rewrite an interpreter for every single html tag.
Opera was its own thing but today it's google chrome with a few extra features.
I use Pale Moon on pc and Fennec on phone
How about Lynx Browser?

All text-based GNU browser...
The illuminaughty's gonna spy on you but illegally slowing down your GUI'z is another thing alltogether
I feel they try to get away with a lot of illegal harassment which renders the whole free market without innovation and goodies

If they try to slow down your machine by f*cking with the GUI then use text-browsers and MS-DOS (maybe)

Illuminaughty is on the fritz anyway....they probably assign all of their spying and harassment to robots and computer programs
I use Vivaldi and chrome
can't choose which one i like more
ho ho
>My paranoia won't let me use things that google contributed to.
sounds fair
> I use opera
lol. ungoogle chromium and opera are about equally distinct from google. Except ungoogled chromium is actually trying to remove the goog. Firefox is it's own thing, but half the entries in about:config point to google domains. If you want to avoid google, look for a project that has that as a goal, otherwise it's very likely to rely on google as a convenience somehow.
using firefox atm
I am using Brave.
Just started using it yesterday
Its great so far
would recommend
I've got bad news for you namefag, Brave isn't safe: https://hub.packtpub.com/brave-privacy-browser-has-a-backdoor-to-remotely-inject-headers-in-http-requests-hackernews
Try Waterfox on desktop/laptop.
I don't have a 64 bit machine. Any other recommendations?
Yeah, try living in the 2010s lmao.
Ungoogled Chromium or SRWare Iron maybe. Waterfox is best though.
I will check Ungoogle Chromium. Thanks!

I am a literal poorfag, I used to have a normal desktop but that's dead so I am back to my 10 year old lappy. Such is life.
But if you take the time to do that, you gain some knowledge about how web browsers

If your processor is 64 bits then you can install a 64 or 32 bits operating system
firefox... rip. i even sync my shit. rip. it's nice having it all the same between my laptop phone and desktop.

at least it aint jewgle
I recently swapped my Opera for vivaldi. On my desktop I use both because Opera out of all the browsers I've used seems to work best with jewtube so I use it only for that meanwhile vivaldi is for all my general browsing. Is TOR just a meme or is it worth trying?
only for .onion websites obviously
Firefox, and when I'm tired of all the hipster technology Netsurf or Lynx.
They're injecting a referral for their affiliates to recognize for monetization. Since it's a security based browser, its default settings probably make it difficult to track referrals, and its users probably all lock it down. I don't even use Brave but that FUD is a little sus.


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