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Zero Cool 07/29/2018 (Sun) 15:30:56 No. 134
How does a complete noob get into programming? I want to start with websites since I figured it would be easier.
Do I learn HTML first or CSS first?
Learn PHP first,
Then focus on HTML and lastly CSS.
CSS is just eyecandy and positioning.
While HTML is Layout and PHP is backend logic.
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Thank you very much! I will take a look at those things.

>>136 is correct, but I think you'll find it good to poke around html already while learning php. Make a thing and make it do something.

I find it helpful to get a few good scripts together and then build off of them. Basically make your own examples.
HTML first. it's really simple so don't waste too much time with it. it will take you a few hours at most to get the basics. ignore anything that has to do with setting HTML attributes. nobody does it like that. use CSS instead. figure out how .classes and #ids work. play around with it for a day or two, then you're done. you can make a static website. look up "best practices" because slavishly following them is 90% of what it means to be a web developer.
next, learn to program. i'd go with javascript instead of PHP because (1) you're going to probably need it for client-side code anyway and (2) PHP backends are dying out and being replaced by node.js as we speak.
i don't know if web dev or programming is more important to you, but that will determine where you go next. for web dev, learn networking and database shit (SQL, DNS, HTTP, UDP/TCP/IP) and get good at javascript. for programming, just start picking languages you think you'd use and learn them.
If you're looking to make websites, start with HTML5. You do not necessarily need PHP, and PHP is used to help extend the backend of a website, not to make a website.

HTML5 can do things we used to have to embed OpenGL to do, like make games. You'll get familiar with Javascript, and you don't really _NEED_ PHP. PHP is a tool, the real process is making sure that your syntax and work is good first, then worry about PHP if you feel like you need it.
You guys are hilarious.

>"Learn PHP first..."

Start with BASIC and study old MS-DOS a little.

Also get some of those "Information Technology Theory" books.

Some examples are that book, "Pattern in the Stone" and "Code: The Hidden..."

When I first started I started with really easy Python.
Get "Programming for Dummies".

Those books are surprisingly real legit.
You learn HTML and CSS at the same time. Technically you start with HTML but CSS is part of HTML.
Look at Coding the same way you would consider a "project" and jump right into it like you would a Photoshop project or a media-editing project.

There are some cool programs out there also for websites like Dreamweaver.

I read the physical books with a physical gel pen and notebook. E-books don't do much for me.
Learn PHP first for ultimate frustration.
It's not the 90s anymore
>It's not the 90s anymore
Oh, yes it is! Look at your calendar! It says 1998 on it, you've just been sleeping too much in class. In fact you slept so much time froze! Now wake up so time will start moving again!
ur right u should do everything in javascript
This sounds like a good way to get started.
CSS is used to make HTML look nice, HTML is the actual 'meat' of the site per say. I recommend learning HTML, then CSS, then PHP. Learn HTML and CSS first to get used to the very specific grammar that is natural of machine-parsable languages. Then PHP, which is more "programming" and mathematical than the very visual HTML and CSS.
You can start by reading Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs which is a highly recommended book for complete beginners, after that you can delve into any programming language or you could read about algorithms, if you choose to practice a programming language afterwards the recommended choice would be an easy programming language like lua or python.
Programming is all about learning and having fun, like everything in life.
That's the worst possible book you could ever recommend. Incomprehensible even to comp sci graduates. All the examples are in scheme, and it introduces fucking big(O) analysis in the first chapter, a topic not usually discussed until data structures class.

Basically, what I'm saying is unless you're IQ > 180, SICP is an awful place to start.


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