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Welcome to the /tech/nology board.

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Disdain for Plebs

I hear you haven't installed Devuan yet. What's the matter with you? Is Bill Gates your pal or something? Have you not got enough of the "windows is cool, kids!" and "I sure do love the surface pro!" yet? Or have you gone the other way? Did you become autistic and not resist the gentoo maymay hard enough? You can be free as a bird and all you have to do is press install. No datamining fuckery, no manually installing the keyboard drivers, easy encryption by default... Do you even know what absolute freedom feels like? It's as if Torvalds and Stallman are taking it in turns to spank you on the bum saying that you are good for taking it like a big girl, then they hand you a free as in not systemd ice cream. It's stunningly delightful.

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ebook sharin (0_0)7

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Thinkpads, thoughts opinions. just bought an x200 tablet for 45 caps doesnt work, hope it doesnt smell weird

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>be me
>haven't had cell phone for 2 years
>have to get one for new job
>fuck, the 2g network isn't a thing in my country anymore
>I'll just get a brickphone, still botnet, but I'll keep it in my closet when not in use.
>Buy 20 brick phone
<It's running fucking android 4.4.2

Any of you guys got advice for me?
Kinda worried about rooting it or changing the os, as I don't know how I'd configure the brickphone keypad. I've already removed the camera..

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Text editors
which ones do u use?

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How does one learn programming?
nek has been learning python and javascript.
how to learn the theory.

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What's the best way to backup data for a website? Particularly ones like image boards with lots of user posts.

Recently nextchan went down and had no backups so thousands of posts were lost. Hopefully if we can compile knowledge here we can share it and prevent a repeat!

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▼ Clockwise from top left: FIFO, DRAM, DBMS, CPU, GPU, LIFO, and SRAM

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Electronics General

Electronics General

ITT: Anything involving electronics: chips, microcontrollers, FPGAs, raspberry pi, beaglebone.

Check this out
Episode of the Bob Pease Show on analog computing to simulate car suspension

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> A Japanese AI program with the personality of a high school girl has fallen into a suicidal depression.

[Source needed]
That article is clickbait, and you know it.
Better article:

>Still alive:

Here's what "she did", that got her "refixed":[Click to embed]

For those used to Augmented reality shit from Halo2's, I am not surprised this is a stunt.

documented proof of the stunt:[Click to embed]