I believe that humans today are living in a new artistic dark ages. What was good before is not good any more. I believe that western artistry suffered a death of sorts when the designers of the 1950s-1960s retired and failed to produce neither offspring nor apprentices that could succeed them in ambition or ability.

I believe that this happened because of globalism and liberal benevolence. My reasoning is thus; A few things were true of the pre-War era. You had to be good or exceedingly rich to go to university. Art degree places were not assured (if you passed, you were worthy of being employed). Standards in schools had not yet been reduced to their lowest common denominator. Most importantly, child labor was still common in spite of the laws enacted during the Victorian era. Children would frequently abandon the classroom to work the factory floor. Because of changes to these systems, children have not the ambition or the artistry they once had, and we saw fit to rob the lot of them of it "for their own good".

I believe that this is the primary cause. You can try to blame other things... Economic decline for example. But there were previous recessions occuring both pre and post-war. Health and safety regulations (Rules) are cited as a reason why modern cars are ugly. But pokemon aren't regulated and modern pokemon are likewise ugly. You can try saying that industrialization and progress are by their very nature ugly. But steam trains and iron bridges will show you, you can't just assert that all human development is equally ugly. It's not the case.

Steam trains and iron bridges were hand-made though. Perhaps you can blame CAD or mass manufacturing, the entering of a machine where there was once an artistic hand. But devices are only as ugly as you engineer them. The pocket sprite is a modern device that I'm quite interested in and while I can't assert it on you that it's a beautiful thing, I equally can't claim that it's an ugly monstrosity. At best it lacks personality (being a game boy clone and all) but at least it doesn't make me want to vomit.

Some of these designs really are vomit inducing. The LEVC TX5 is cretinous and the "My Hospital" Bullfrog knockoff is an abomination. So; if it's possible that we agree that I've set upon the primary cause of the west's ongoing artistic blight, then what means can we use to remedy the situation? "Go back to child labor and ball-busting education system" won't satisfy most people. I want anons to propose how we might fix it. Sorry for the effortpost