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OverLynx Feture Request thread. Space_##UnbE4Q 06/03/2016 (Fri) 08:13:37 [Preview] No. 1
My goals are to release a alpha version by 17th June.

FEATURES for alpha
* Posting []
* Reading threads[] //half way there
* loading images[]

Future Features
* Webem support []
* Thread watching []
* Thread Downloading []
kindle fire TV/chromecast support[]
* Mass image downloading []

Feel free to suggest features.
I don't understand the need for an Android app. The Lynx software is already good enough to be viewed on mobile browsers.

But a must-have feature in my opinion is Orbot support. Also, it should not depend on any non-free library.
FE's are unoptimised as fuck for mobile.

I'll have a look at orbot
status UPDATE!
>Why did you miss the 17th june launch?
Unintended stuff came up

>when will a alpha actually be out?
It will be a pre-alpha till posting works.
When I fix this Jsonobject bug and get image and threads loading to work.


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