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Open file (6.81 KB 188x268 assburger.jpg)
memer 04/15/2019 (Mon) 21:46:28 No. 385
I would like to enter in the moderation of this fine Image Board you have created. How do I properly apply? When answered, I shall delete this thread so none will be bothered by it.
delete the poster
the thread can stay
Open file (54.37 KB 395x388 photorealistic frog.jpg)
Why such hostility against my person, fine gentleman? I merely want to help this project that is SpaceChan.xyz
I think it's because I was sent here by a mystical power to bully people
or that you're talking about how it's helpful to astroturf before you've even got the job
or that I naturally dislike people.. it could be any
Astroturfing is samefagging or getting others to support oneself in whatever endeavor one might have in mind. I haven't done that, fool. I merely asked a question.
Email the DMCA address and we'll talk. Make sure to whitelist this domain.

I'll also /b/'s BO is opinion
Mail has been sent. Have a good day.
there were other posts here why were they deleted


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