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memer 10/21/2018 (Sun) 05:51:11 No. 229
I don't know how oldfag the owner of this IB is (I'm just going to assume not very) so take advices from me (well if you want to).
1- stop deleting and re-creating the /b/ board, it's annoying.
2- /b/ needs to be an "anything goes" board, however, this also applies to the MODS! Everyone can post and do whatever they want and if a mod decides to use their powers to mess with someone, he can do it.
3- Because of mod powers, it is """""recommended""""" that mods delete shitposts, aka, posts that don't serve any real conversations. So in other words, people are allowed to shitpost, but if a mod feels like deleting it, or giving the person a public ban with a funny message, so be it.
2008 old.

I actually don't own /b/ the board owner of that board decided to delete and recreate it for some reason
Sure as long as it's within the law
heh I'm actually a laid back moderator and hardly ban.


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