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Open file (148.39 KB 670x1200 Dg-Tm2YVQAAjRMw.jpg)
space_##UnbE4Q 08/12/2018 (Sun) 23:22:35 No. 207
Testing the new Optimisations!
OwO what new optimizations?
SEO optimisation. Hopefully it makes it easier for other people to find this place in the search engine.
That last one's especially mad cause she got a penis

also when I select an image to upload the quick reply button hides at the bottom and I'm unable to shitpost
What device you on?
Open file (170.62 KB 840x640 buttcus.png)
Well now, clicking on the last poster's ID at a different height changes what height the quick reply box appears at, also I can drag the quick reply box upwards and continue to shitpost with images so it's cool.

It should probably say "drag me" or something on there to help all of us that are mentally handicapped.
Open file (103.08 KB 1000x1021 1533685529632.jpg)
fuck you, Rin is a good girl


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