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Open file (113.67 KB 800x533 brussels-tram.jpg)
space_##UnbE4Q 02/03/2019 (Sun) 15:16:38 No. 1
Why does belgium SUCKS SO BAD!
>have to pay to piss
>24 Eurobux for Pizza hut
>6.50 euros for a pint(500ml) of Stella
>Trams are more packed then the metrolink + less seats.
Open file (1.49 MB 1357x1281 gurl_coder.png)
where you can piss and the extent of its overall funding are set by the EU
the cost of pizza is set by the EU
the rules on apprehending pick pocketers are set by the EU
the official language(s) of a country can be changed, but only if it's found to be permissible by the European court of human rights
customs and duties are set by the EU
transportation regulations and investments are set by the EU
Belgium sucks because the whole of western Europe are natural born cucks who'd come up with these laws on their own if they didn't already have the EU to do it for them
except that there is no way out
for you
Belgium isn't even real
I thought that was Finland
Open file (532.25 KB 3334x812 helphelper_spain.png)
frog agrees
>Karlie Kloss
classic frog


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