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/cgl/ memer 01/24/2019 (Thu) 17:58:15 No. 59
I have similar problems and all my local friends hate lolita. My wardrobe is super toned down, like would-probably-get-deleted-off-COF-for-not-being-lolita-enough toned down but any time I wear it around them they either make snide comments the entire time or make an excuse to dip out early. Even when I wear super plain everything with no head accessory and a long shapeless cardi on top they treat me like a cringy weeb dressed up for an anime con.

My closest lolita comm is pretty far away. Where do I find local friends who wouldn’t mind me dressing weird? I’m in my late twenties and not into anime so hanging around anime cons just to make friends seems like it would be super awkward.

>tfw the only non-lolita who wants to hang out with me when I wear it is my mother
I'm 12 years old and what is this?
Wear what makes you happy.
People IRL are too judgemental tbh. Best off finding like a IRC chat room of something that will accept your quirky outfit or try and find a scene/emo/goth alternative group since they'll definitely be accepting of your style.
would you say "emo/goth master-race"??
my parents got me all grey clothes so depressing


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