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Astronaut 02/10/2019 (Sun) 11:46:30 No. 86
who mentally ill / "mentally ill" here?
Open file (93.21 KB 1200x1200 adam-lanzajpg.jpg)
Open file (19.80 KB 270x373 Adam_Lanza_.jpg)
not me
Yes you are
i am perfectly capable just lazy
OP why bad grammar?
Because he's mentally ill
I am not
I am well mentally
do you guys wash yourselves before going outside? how many times do you semen yourself before washing it off? is the number higher in the winter when more clothes cover more smell?
Be careful communing with evil spirits

This gives us foresight that your end is destruction
If the devil whispers something in my ear like something mean to say should I not be weary that I am communing with the devil?

From within you and yourself comes forth good or evil
You can be saved but you will likely have to renounce evil
Seems like spacechan are pretty well adjusted
image boards being the easiest method of gratification means I've spent almost every waking hour on image boards for 8 years, and the result is my grammar and ability to think outside of 10 or so memes or phrases is butchered. I was actually super smart in school and got accepted into the theoretical physics undergraduate course in the best university in my country. I never attended though, and the damage I've done to my brain is largely irreparable. The obvious solution is to start reading books (or put a bullet through my head) but it's too difficult. Only time I was able to read since high school was when I illegally bought a month of ritalin off the internet.
In short, this >>115

I don't go outside.
>how many times do you semen yourself before washing it off?
I only fap right before having a shower, since I don't really change clothes and I don't want semen breaking down giving off a rancid smell
why do you wear clothes? when's the last time you went outside?


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