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fat kike memer 01/11/2019 (Fri) 21:21:40 No. 786
HeyGuys I know you're gonna absolutely DESTROY me for pointing this out but phoneposting is broken and phoneposting is the backbone of modern society
why hello there
Open file (656.25 KB 1020x1311 Funny-20181216_004717.jpg)

Greetings gentleman
its not so bad whats your issue
is it the backbone of the spacker community though
Open file (5.68 KB 80x60 1541060040020.gif)

Check out the vids you can only see half the screen, also reply pop-up doesnt adjust well, also annoying thread hub on the side but I got rid of that.
Phoneposting is indeed broken but also for faggots so kys

FUCK phoneposting
Open file (53.16 KB 720x1280 FB_IMG_1547223050980.jpg)

Fuck me uwu
I am the fat kike here, not you
also, you shouldn't be on imageboards in public, and if you're phoneposting at home you're a total cunt
teenbros get out ree etc.
what if im taking a quick dump and need to tell someone about it

No one wuz talking about u trainfagget, besides ur fat but semi aryan, not kike, also I post with ma phone where I want, house, work idgaf, fight me.
Open file (211.87 KB 334x255 choco cookies.png)
>trainposter vs ugl
i would pay to see
Open file (653.50 KB 1020x1311 Funny-20181216_005225.jpg)

You got it buddy.
Open file (271.35 KB 1313x785 zeemap.jpg)
we need a time and a place


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