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lovely small town america memer 01/10/2019 (Thu) 00:05:00 No. 704
Heartwarming Christmas towns
Heartwarming Christian towns
I live in such a place
>Even up to the 80s no niggers allowed
>Downtown general store had a sign that said "nigger, if it's dark outside I better not see your black behind"
>Still no niggers
>Festive activities for Christian holidays
>Healthy community
>Only gang is the Aryan Brotherhood
>You'd never know it because they don't do shit to harm anyone
>Friday night football is an event
>Go to church hungry or leave wishing you had
It's a good place with good people having a good time with their good lives and their good wives.
Lucky bastard
disgusting, niggers are cool folks
cool, niggers are disgusting folks
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lol @ this thread
disgusting niggers are cool folks
Okay, wouldn't it be cool if everyone could decide who they want to live around? What if someone doesn't like cool folks? It's not like it's wrong to not want to live near those cool folks. Cool folks tend to commit a lot of robberies rapes and murders you know. And it's only to the detriment of others if they don't live around these cool folks, now they won't be sharing their coolness. It's truly a sacrifice to live away from cool folks and even go as far as keep them out of your community. Who's going to hold a bake sale for the poor in the community if the cool folks won't do it? Everyone knows cool folks love being charitable, always paying their fair share and never taking more than they need.
That was a little much I apologize I really lost my composure there.
same in many towns around here but minus the sign
no negroes around to ward off
My city killed the Black Panthers illegally.

The sins of the negro are the following:

- Racism

- Ungratefulness to their compatriots and brethren, especially their (the negros') ungratefulnrss for their liberation from the bonds of slavery.

- Animosity and contempt amongst themselves and towards others, especially towards whites...

- Abuse and ruination of a society which they did not create.

- Widespread criminality. (Especially using the law and conventional society as a means of abuse and "race war".)

- Insane, suicidal and contemptuous ideologies of "race war".

Also added to this list is the sin of "ritual abuse" whether against women, children or amongst themselves.

Ingrained in their culture is a culture of "ritual abuse", that infamous sin in past times attributed to "Right-wing Aryans".such as the KKK or those forms of ritual abuse found in Hollywood.
o my god this is so boooriiiing
Well, there's at least maybe one or two neighborhoods in Chicago where African militants succeed at maintaining autonomy over American law through force of arms but they are unfortunately very filthy and probably not where human beings should try to be rightful citizens and such.
But like literally the whole American negro race appears to be headed to destruction, anyway.

If you're black I don't know why you wouldn't want to relocate to somewhere nice in Africa.
My favorite African country is Ethiopia.

Homelessbro touring French louisiana
Open file (159.92 KB 618x936 nice baguettes.jpg)
Warm and cozy


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