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24hr food memer 01/08/2019 (Tue) 18:54:21 No. 651
It's 3AM and you want to go out for some food. Where do you go?
Waho? Steak n Shake? Del Taco? A 24 hour diner?
More importantly, what do you order?
idk probably mcdonald
Open file (320.42 KB 1920x1080 waffle-and-pan-cake.jpg)
IHOP or Waffle House
Open file (1.65 MB 2365x2365 pb.jpg)
bread, crackers, or apple optional
Imma need me uhhhhh 35 whitecastle cheese sliders and a 2 litre coke pls
Safeway, AMPM, and a donut shop are the only 24 hour places around here
Usually scran a Subway after work tbh.
>implying anything is open in my town at that hour
I only eat the raw meat of animals I kill with my bare hands
i just run them over with my car
Try shooting them from your car
Open file (71.05 KB 599x358 get in.jpg)
i would like to try bicycle archery. they just sit and stare. i almost hit a deer that was standing in the middle of a dark road, didnt move, had to bike around it
Open file (76.74 KB 960x638 5 dollar tray.jpg)
Open file (168.21 KB 780x692 proof.jpg)
open til 3 sup
That looks pretty good
Open file (2.00 MB 4032x1960 20190116_215106.jpg)
I find myself in some odd and old fashioned diners/restaurants from time to time.
Oh fuck I think they're trying to close.
Open file (2.03 MB 4032x1960 20190116_220019.jpg)
Nevermind they're just cleaning
Are you the 5 dollar tray dude? That's some nice food amigo.
Open file (1.79 MB 960x540 burgerland.webm)
I am but that was some middle of nowhere diner
You do know how to find some nice food places though, right on
man this all looks like shit
Did you happen to come across a mirror again today while exiting mommy's attic after waking up at 3 PM?
no but if i pooped on a stale loaf of bread itd look better
What are you from India? Fuckin queer
>he's never reached the bonus stage of burger time
Open file (1.85 MB 202x360 waffles.webm)
Open file (123.30 KB 600x700 yes plz.png)
Typical women


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