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C⌬©⍟ℕυͳ##vnQxIm 01/08/2019 (Tue) 02:38:35 No. 633
What happened here?
mewch died so many mewch users migrated here
Aww. Why did it die?
server issue details unclear, mega denies allegations of sexual misconduct
Open file (90.90 KB 500x500 ewaf23fhj76.png)
I have been lurking spacechan for more than 5 minutes now. Am i considered a newfag or oldfag?
An old newfag, I'd say.
Open file (1.61 MB 700x600 karen.png)
>not even posting images only a true spacer would have
and you call yourself an oldfag
Open file (6.76 KB 278x181 ur fag.jpg)
neither, you're just a fag
Poetic justice
Open file (83.80 KB 799x688 certified nice zone.jpg)
stop rudeposting
Apparently power fucked up and completely fucked with the servers, so mega gave up.
Some random guy made a new mewch that lasted like a day before dying for no known reason.
Every image board I liked either died or lived long enough that I wish it had died. The only other image board I saw was 64, but it's already a shithole. I guess I'll just lurk here, funpost and post kellys every once in a while.
Open file (81.89 KB 463x191 1407480919859.png)
Make Mewch great again
> twitter.com/mewchnet
Is it just me or is it time to panic yet?
Why panic? It's not like the twitter was used anyway
mega already said he isn't bringing it back. no reason to panic bud
I thought the smoke meme meant he was working on something.
nope fren. it's ded for good ;-;
Open file (6.25 KB 553x111 1521659197-180.png)
When they say it isn't coming back, I think they mean it.
Do you think theres any way to bring it back?

It was so comfy I really became attached.
Open file (9.46 MB 480x480 M0Pc.gif)
>having such a shitty meaningless life you keep obsessing over something so stupid
>having such a life that you care
we are bringing it back every day here on space


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