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Mega Milk 01/07/2019 (Mon) 01:19:48 No. 584
Friends and Family, Thank you
As our journey continues I present to you what I consider to be an expression of care. https://TheSnug.net is a site that uses all public domain and creative commons assets. I heavily support creative commons and have donated to them for well over a year now. Me and others have been heavily working on TheSnug these last few days and want to make it live very soon. I hope you visit sometime. Wishing you all well this holiday season. I will pop my head in here as much as I can. Be wary of impersonators.
Open file (822.82 KB 1700x1700 upside down kelly.png)
did the dmca takedowns finally get to you?
at work rn so cant check it out, can you give a short description of what it is? not an imageboard i assume
It's basically a CyTube clone.
pls bring mewch back
Sometimes it's better to move on
no thanks

Damn right
Well you have no choice so deal with it
Open file (279.46 KB 1391x1800 6DA605827.jpg)
Absolutely not.
Open file (344.59 KB 699x365 fritz.png)
movie night?
I nominate Suspiria (1977)


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