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memer 01/06/2019 (Sun) 16:03:09 No. 542
Have you become a #giletjaune yet, fellows?
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what's that fren?
wut dat b
>they don't follow the news
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i don't really care about the outside world tbh. i'm planning on an heroing soon anyway
but if you an hero and there's nobody around to witness it, is it really an hero?
Open file (2.21 MB 3000x1688 donald-trump-portrait.jpg)
This anon is now on suicide watch.
No, I'm not a real life meme
1. What actually are the french obscenity laws? Nobody knows them, not even the french...

2. Why are the french taunting their overlords by aggressively fellating each other if they love being eurocucks so much?

3. Is reduced immigration a demand of the yellow vesters or are they all a bunch of socialist gimme free stuffs who just want money?

4. Where does france intend to go once it has pelted cheese and garlic at macron? and does it involve becoming even more of a pretense spinning shithole so long as they don't tax your cigarettes?
Open file (66.93 KB 600x768 Cannon_guy.jpg)
I don't like you at all
1. In 2013 Laure Pora, the head of a Paris chapter of LGBT rights group ACT UP, counter-protested at a rally against abortion. She called the President of an opposing group a "homophobe" and had activists distribute fliers with this message. In 2016, judges convicted Pora of a hate crime and fined her €2,300, ruling that "homophobe" was a slur in violation of French law.

2. no u

3. Actually yellow vesters are demanding more taxes to be cut than giveouts to be handed. Government of course started with giveouts when answering demands.

4. Inspire rest of Europe to do the same. Some yellow vesters were spotted in Belgium already, and Salvini in Italy is trying to coopt the movement.
I don't like the franks
what of it?

5. You are homogay.
Am I going to prison now? Is the board gonna get taken down for being a big obscenity enabler?

6. But it's not me. The only thing I sacrificed for the EU was paying VAT on heinz ketchup. You've had 20 years to stand up to them. You're very late.

7. The reason they need to tax you is to keep services for Bilal and Akhmed. I'm glad they're demanding tax cuts, but the root of the problem is European hubris and the rest of the world is interested in what you plan to do about it.

Also, this kind of tax fuckery has been going on since the mid-90s. What makes Macron's anal barrage particularly special?

8. I doubt it. By all means escape the EU, but the Dutch and the Germans are still mesmerized by it and the whole of Eastern Europe is hungry for the subsidies offered by Merkel. If you've the will to leave, then you face either a revesal-backstabbing or the prospect of going it alone. Plus the Germans might well bomb you first.
Actually, Bilal and Akhmed are the only ones willing to do infrastructure jobs, the natives are too fancy for that. Or too rural.


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