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memer 01/04/2019 (Fri) 21:01:19 No. 422
I like bacon
Open file (605.30 KB 2197x1684 cook.jpg)
a little bit of bacon adds a lotta flavor to whatever, soup, sandwiches, sucking off my older brother,
my breakfast today, I call it the Fat Fucker Special
>fry 3 strips of fatty bacon till crispy
>cook onions, garlic and finely chopped mushrooms in the bacon fat until lightly caramelized
>fry 2 slices bread in same fat
>butter bread and combine
will fuck your arteries hard, but it's worth it
us poor euros don't even get real amrican bacon ;-;

Uhh what? Where do you leave in some slav shithole ?
Matter of fact the best pork comes from europe, ever heard of "secreto iberico"?
how the fuck do you even maintain butter on that bread
>hamburger with no meat
This is how you eat bacon
>get minced meat, mix it with eggs, just enough to get it to stick
>make disks
>it's better to leave it in the fridge for at least 6 hours to get it to keep it's shape, but it's not necessary
>get salt and white pepper and put it all over the disks you're going to eat, literally roll the disks sideways over it
>fry one side, don't even think about moving it, then flip it and fry the other side
>also fry bacon strips and toast the bread, preferably both sides, if the pan is large enough you can do all three at once
>while that's doing it's thing get an onion, cut it all in the same direction so you get somewhat thin rings (protip, if you cut perpendicular to the stripes it tastes more acid, if you cut it over the stripes the opposite happens)
>bread, hamburger, bacon, raw onion and bread in that order
>eat then then brush your teeth or it'll fuck with your mouth in a bad way
never heard that about cutting onions,interesting
sandwich sounds great but sounds like a shitload of salt how do you taste anything else
It does sound like a shitload, but most of it falls off while frying, hence why you need to literally cover it in salt and pepper.
I tried putting the normal ammount in once and it was like I had just washed the spices off before eating.


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