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memer 12/28/2018 (Fri) 04:22:53 No. 251
So is this the new mewch or nah? Where dafuq DA herd at, yerdme?
imageboards are ded fren
mewch is not ded. it's coming back, look at twitter https://twitter.com/mewchnet
Mooch was practically dead long before the db crash my fren. Very slow and marginalized community. It's time to move on.
no it wasn't wtf are you talking about. the pph hovered around 20, that's pretty fucking fast for an imageboard that new and that small. also no community is like the community mewch had. even if it doesn't come back i don't think i'll be able to replace it. it just wouldn't be the same thing
I'm still here, but hardly post
after being perma'd from 4 and 420, and watching both 22 and mewch die, I am just done with imageboards. seems like the only ones without authoritarian prick mods end up being taken down by assholes either posting illegal shit or just abusing the servers
it got deleted
Too true
i mean, there's still ccluster/enrive if you're a diddler by any chance
Open file (13.15 KB 340x378 rapeface.jpg)
I'm totally not writing this down
nah, I fucking hate pedos, especially the ones who orbit sociopathic junkies. I'm perma'd from so many places because I use a trip and I'm not afraid to speak against the status quo, and moderators anywhere would rather have open pedos than someone who pisses off the dimwitted userbase and challenges their authority
Then dont use a name/trip you faggot
oh, i haet pedros too
>I'm perma'd from so many places because I use a trip
heterosexual mods?
I use a trip because I'm a narcissist, and it pisses off people like you
all i hear is 'i'm a huge faggot'
Open file (13.69 KB 255x226 shocked and mad.png)
all i hear is 'i'm a huge rudeposter'
Open file (74.27 KB 1200x908 earhornmen.jpg)
all i hear is "centrifuge rhutabega"
Open file (598.34 KB 963x720 question mark 2.png)
what is that anon?
ciao BPP
hello fren
Open file (149.54 KB 1400x1128 captain earhorn.jpg)
those are my earhorn men. they can detect a hummingbird from 900 yards. they are obsolete now that i've finally finished surgically inserting gps tracker into every known hummingbird
Open file (106.40 KB 620x500 2rhgut.jpg)
Open file (104.74 KB 620x500 2rhh62.jpg)
Open file (105.16 KB 620x500 2rhhac.jpg)
by jove is this memery?
Why indeed my good sir
Open file (213.46 KB 630x407 slov-with-his-people.jpg)
Open file (302.75 KB 2240x1680 Slovborg-ncis.jpg)
Open file (88.63 KB 1024x576 Drslov-Im-cia2.jpg)
Feel like dropping my slovborg shops in this thread :^)
Open file (1.26 MB 1920x1080 ffffff.png)
nobody checking these digits


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