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Open file (350.66 KB 554x400 bury pink hacker.png)
memer 10/21/2018 (Sun) 17:47:11 No. 23
>be me
>be le cool anonymous hacker
>my hacker bro friend and I love hacking normies on the internet for the lulz
>we drink mtd and eat flamin hot cheetos while listening to lil-pump
>we also play fortnite on the playstation 4
>one day hacker bro tells me he hacked Donald Trump's psn account
>I tell him "bro thats dope AF lol!"
>suddently, the fbi shows up at his house
>fbi arrests him as we were talking through discord
>fbi asks "we'll let you go if you tell us the location of your hacker bro friend."
>my bro said "you'll never find him lol!"
>I promised my friend I'd avenge him
>suddenly, FBI found my location because I forgot to turn on incognito mode while using discord
>it turns out discord is "spyware"
>I hear the fbi knock on my door and yell "FBI OPEN UP!
>I wasn't scared though cause the FBI wasn't ready for my hacking skillz
>I to google and search "How to hack FBI vans with a 2008 dell PC"
>a video by "HowToBasic" shows up
>video tells me to throw eggs at my computer and it'll make the vans explode
>so I do it
>I grab le eggs and through em at le computer
>grab le pc and throw it out the window
>acciden- I mean purposefully hit the "self destruct" button that's inside of every FBI van with my PC
>FBI vans all burst into flames
>clubbed to death starts playing as I put on my hacker glasses
epic green text bro xd
>Gets sent down for destroying evidence
Based and redpilled


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