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cam 02/11/2019 (Mon) 14:31:19 No. 189
Do any of you have any "autistic" hobbies or interests, like trains, or collecting certain items?
i used to collect a shit ton of figurines. now depression is my hobby.
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Up till I was maybe 13 I'd collect my fallen out teeth. I keep them in a tin box. Haven't checked them in a couple years but I remember them holding up surprisingly well.
Not a hobby but when I was young I was also autistic about getting my hair cut. I'd keep chunks of my hair with each hair cut. Maybe this will mean something to me in the coming years since I'm already late stage balding.

Escapism - I self insert in fantasies I get heavily into. If I were to re-read Naruto I'd self-insert as Naruto. From conversations on image boards I don't think normal people disengage from reality to this extent, but maybe I was lied to. Nowadays since my brain has been deteriorating it has to either be extremely long so the lore encompasses a large part of my life (like Naruto), or it has to be really good. I miss the days I could watch a 24 episode anime series and self-insert from start to finish, in between episodes fantasizing my own plot developments. Now it has to be 80+ episodes, and usually only shit series make it to that point.

Another autistic thing I do every night while I go sleep is fantasize I'm holding someone. For the last six months that's been this girl and another girl from teen Jeopardy in November.
>Up till I was maybe 13 I'd collect my fallen out teeth
Oh yeah, I did that too. I still have a micro jar with all my teeth somewhere. Though I don't recall them falling out and being replaced until the late age of 13.
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i dont tend to self insert so much as disappear along with my reality and the new reality becomes everything. the best is when i pick up where the show left off, and basically take part in brand new adventures in the same world. the best was stopping watching one piece right as they were about to enter the grand line. i also remember falling asleep while reading mr popper's penguins and fighting german warships to transport them through the atlantic. the actual book seemed so shitty after that
anyway its my opinion adventure > orbitting, in the sense that the drive to be with a girl can ruin adventures, choosing to spend imaginationpower on simple things like that instead of creating and exploring entire universes.


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