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Astronaut 02/11/2019 (Mon) 02:07:44 No. 136
Reminder that 8chan/b/ is a shithole where mods delete\ban whatever they feel like
8chan is srs bsns
I read one anon on /pol/ the other day say that he does not trust information anywhere other than /pol/
8chan's /b/ is a funny place. The users hate the BO, because he made rules and gave the mods permission to do as they please. The mods hate each other, and they undo each other's bans. Although I've posted there for like 2 or 3 months and haven't got a ban, my posts didn't get deleted, and the only people who were assholes to me were from /tv/...
The mods on /christian/ are surprisingly lenient and rational folks but I think someone should give them a proper schooling on how to behave with Christian conduct

t. truther
with better Christian conduct*

...this just may be me being overly-critical, though.... I'm not the Pope or anything, myself
perhaps the job of moderation is a difficult and complex one to endeavor...

/leftypol/ seems to have intelligent mods albeit a bit trolly and ban-happy

Smiley was a good moderator

Mewch and Spacechan have the best merciful based mods
Open file (50.36 KB 384x384 1453599810127.jpg)
>/leftypol/ seems to have intelligent mods
certain dedicated or well funded individuals have made it their goal to fuck with 8b regularly. without fail, they take the bait every fucking thread. a nugget can be found occassionally but one of above usually tends to derail it.
i keep trying to imagine ways that the mods are really trying to combat this problem instead of just being massive cucks but in reality they are just massive cucks
200 GET

Sry I am too intoxicated for this red pill
Mods influence userbase by driving away posters they dislike and the userbase influences mods because they're picked from within it and, when admins are willing to give in to user pressure, can even make mods change their attitudes or remove them from power. So boards with good users + good mods or awful users + awful mods are far more common, at least in my experience, than ones with mismatched users and mods.
>the userbase influences mods because they're picked from within it
only those autistic enough to hotpocket
>can even make mods change their attitudes or remove them from power
this requires either the owner/mods caring about the user's opinions or being unwilling to continue cleaning up the protestor's illegal content. dys lasts so long because he is immune to both.
Open file (158.21 KB 641x750 1424839754912.jpg)
What do you mean by "to hotpocket"?


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