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Avatars Astronaut 02/10/2019 (Sun) 21:56:59 No. 121
What's the consensus on avatarposting here?
i prefer not, but yours is cute so i'll allow it
Open file (18.00 KB 175x332 yaaaaay14.jpg)
Yaaay! Thank you!
i dont remember teen titans looking like this but its gotta be better than ah
I didn't even know it's a girl
Open file (51.38 KB 366x662 you're a big pie2.jpg)
It's a new version, Teen Titans Go!
She cleverly disguises herself.
Open file (71.09 KB 680x688 üüüerrrrrggh5.jpg)
I require a bit of advice.

I'll have a "date" on Thursday, but it's not intended as a Valentine's Day date. Should I act like I have no idea what day it is? I'm thinking of waiting for the girl, if she brings it up or not.

What do you think, /b/ros?
If it's the first, second or third date I wouldn't mention it, she might realize you're an autistic creep then. Just play it cool
That sounds like a good advice. Thank you!
but why must it look like this
does the girl happen to be raven from teen titans go? I'm assuming valentine's day is a common day for dating, especially peeps who are single and just dont want to be alone, but i'm not sure raven is aware it exists in the first place.
Open file (10.50 KB 175x278 micro Raven13.jpg)
Open file (11.14 KB 185x276 Short Raven6.jpg)
Open file (19.66 KB 228x383 we are not amused22.jpg)
>but why must it look like this
In Teen Titans, tehre are some occassions, when the figures turn into their caricatures. (First pic.)
So after the series ended, they've made a short series called New Teen Titans (search for it on youtube, it's a parody of the original series). (See pic. Nr. 2.!)
That became so popular and successful, that it evolved into Teen Titans Go! (pic Nr. 3.) It's meant to be a parody, and it's meant for younger audiences.
Open file (131.64 KB 1366x768 mfw Raven.jpg)
>does the girl happen to be Raven from teen titans go?
No, she's real.
>i'm not sure Raven is aware it exists in the first place
TTG has two Valentine's Day episodes.

Sorry for the multiple posts, my script got stupid.
i guess i can see it happening
so why are you going on a date with a real live girl
Because you can't fuck a cartoon
Looks heterosexual to me.
Yeah idk what's up with that
it's gay to watch porn
Open file (129.35 KB 724x708 LOOK AT THIS NOW.jpg)
Because it's Valentine's Day, and I like her.
Absolutely HARAM.
is this you ravenfriend? >>191
Open file (79.14 KB 597x638 happy Rae4.jpg)
No, I'm happy and I still collect figures.
Is that Robin kissing her portrait? I thought Starfire was his waifu.
Open file (197.10 KB 1280x720 Aqualad.jpg)
It's Aqualad. They have a brief "affair".
Don't even remember that guy. Last time I watched Teen Titans was the previous decade.
Open file (52.69 KB 387x620 TT Raven4.jpg)
He was in that series too, and Raven find him hot in one episode.


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