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Astronaut 05/16/2019 (Thu) 20:14:49 No. 11822
Uuuuhm what does this board contain?
Open file (107.78 KB 418x627 Loli cheer.png)
Pretty sure Space ip logs you when you click it
I support that
Ok good, didn't think there'd actually be a /cp/ board but when I saw it I shit brix
Open file (2.49 MB 2272x1704 img_2933retouch.jpg)
maybe it contains a copy of the gnu cp program.. but i dont really know because i have never opened it
it contains what you think it does to catch pedemfiles. donut click.
it's a board to get rid of the low quality pig refugees
I goto /cp/ once a while for shits n giggles, am i on a list?
everyone is but by going to sites that are not on the top 100 list you go to the worse lists since it means that your iq is higher than the average. your average normie doesnt know anything about the internet outside the social medias and maybe some news sites.
Nice ego you have there, "by going to this site we're all so much smarter than everyone else man..."
It's more like a horseshoe. Retards and high IQs are good at shitposting


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