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Obligatory UB General Thread 【UglyBoi】 05/15/2019 (Wed) 17:05:03 No. 11605
My sister got into an argument with her bf earlier
She got mad that he was playing his ps4 instead of going to classes
apparently he finished all of his work and didn't need to go but she was getting mad anyway
she took the controller and left he got upset
they left
came back 5 minutes later all mad and loud like the cunts they are
i think she told him to leave the house(kicked out Oof)
he wanted to talk about it with her but she wouldn't let him
he kept saying "[Sisters name] let me talk to you " "Lets just talk about it"
5 minutes later she slapped him because he wanted to talk and wouldn't let her go (Mind you i think he grabbed her wrist before she left the house in anger)
argued for awhile then left again
came back again she went tot he bathroom and cried
she went to the door and asked to talk to her she said go away b;ah blah blah
i think he left
he might be back or maybe not
i think he was in the right tbh
i don't know if he hit her while they were outside but if he did he was most lightly justified as my sister can be a physical cunt at times
tho i doubt he hit her, that guy seems very laid back and a gentle person (Stoner) Doesn't like to yell either(conscious of other people)
Mind you also
My sister lived with him for more than a year like a bum before she moved back in with my mom
(after he got in a fight with his parents)(<Theory not confirmed just my suspicion)(I Think it was because of her)(<Also not confirmed just a suspicion)
he didn't seem to mind her living with him but now that she has the power (Moms house means she has more power) she's acting like a tyrant
nagging and bossing him around like a dog
I don't know the guy but i know my sister
She acts all nice but really shes a bitch
if you don't let her have the power in any type of relationship whether that be kinship or friendship she wants the power
she'll be mean
she has a shit personality
maybe he also has one ??
Perhaps they deserve themselves
the reason i'm telling you this is because i am conflicted on whether or not i should have intervened or not when they got physical
(Her side was definitely physical, not sure about him)
mind you they are both in their last year of high school and are basically adults
i personally believe they should act like adults and work it out like adults, they shouldn't need some outside forced intervening in their argument
and if i did intervene i didn't want to have to deal with it, i am no diplomat and am very autistic and awkward
I'm conscientious and want the wrong to be punished but that may be my sister
he seems like the victim of my sisters shitty attitude today
wrong day to be her boyfriend
he seems like a good person for her and i don't want her to breakup with him because she was feeling a little drunk on power

Haven't been around for a few days
why haven't i been posting???
well here's a list of sorts.
some inside jokes about diapers
Some fat faced rape ape is being posted in every thread (as bad as attention whore from mewch)
Furry pictures
cp advocation seems to be popular
mp4 threads are weak. too much gore(Nothing wrong with gore i just don't wanna look at the stuff rn)
Double poster guy or whatever he goes by posts threads im not very partial to
"No Anime Day Celebration" Who ever posted this needs to die tbh
Reminds you of [Insert bullshit here] right - I dont need you to spam spacechan with porn faggot, we have entire sites for that and your threads are Shit, the girls aren't even kino so why dedicate a thread to them?
8channers have made this place shit

What i do during the time im not here is
--Minecraft + youtube playlist with music and Audiobooks
--Kpop - idols i adore are addicting to watch
-Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun(Anime)
-Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji(Anime)
-Monogatari Series(Anime)
-My ID is Gangnam beauty(Kdrama)
-School 2013: Who are you(Kdrama)
-Struggling with porn addiction
-Youtube binges


now you can stop asking why i havent been posting recently
>when your only friend is your sisters bf
Open file (396.47 KB 2289x2289 PicsArt_05-15-07.33.01.jpg)
Open file (395.95 KB 2289x2289 PicsArt_05-15-07.37.14.jpg)
Didn't i mention i don't know him..
i've never even spoken to him before.
Open file (23.06 KB 411x612 middlefinger.jpg)
>i am conflicted on whether or not i should have intervened or not when they got physical
absolutely not. let normalfags deal with their own retarded problems. like you said: they deserve each shitty other.
>why haven't i been posting???
>waah waah muh bad content
>i'd rather do nothing and just complain instead of making better threads\posts
neck yourself just for that alone.
>What i do during the time im not here is
>escapism escapism escapism
reality will catch up to you at some point.
>now you can stop asking why i havent been posting recently
i think we'd be better off without you tbh. and this is coming from a mewch oldfag. go fuck yourself.
Even mewchfags hate me
that response is Totally Not Comfy.
Its okay tho fellow mewchfag because i love you more then i can bare.
Open file (202.50 KB 553x694 kelly crock.png)
you have plenty of different interests you could post about. i'd rather see that than this arrogant attitude of yours.
another mewchfag here
I think your attitude and life are all fucked up but I don't hate you and I wouldn't be rude to you because only the Ape and the like deserve to receive rudeness.

Maybe if you had truly pure intentions and a lot of emotional strength your intervention could have been an improvement, but that wasn't the case.
You could now at least tell her that you don't like fighting at home and ask for a quieter tone out of consideration to you, but that'll only work if your relationship with her isn't too negative.
Open file (222.89 KB 900x675 c.jpg)
Open file (222.89 KB 900x675 c.jpg)
Open file (222.89 KB 900x675 c.jpg)
Open file (222.89 KB 900x675 c.jpg)
Open file (222.89 KB 900x675 c.jpg)
wtf is this cancerous normalfag gay shit


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