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slovborg 12/23/2018 (Sun) 14:41:02 No. 101
mewch is down and I must blogpost
Open file (162.78 KB 1168x876 IMG_20181223_130747_3.jpg)
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Open file (290.93 KB 1168x876 spacehouse.jpg)
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Open file (325.25 KB 1168x876 IMG_20181226_122232_8.jpg)
Open file (379.56 KB 1168x876 IMG_20181226_122847_3.jpg)
dumping photos from today
Open file (196.21 KB 1168x876 IMG_20181226_123134_3.jpg)
Open file (127.75 KB 1168x876 IMG_20181226_123316_1.jpg)
Open file (343.55 KB 1168x876 IMG_20181226_124317_0.jpg)
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Open file (383.61 KB 1168x876 IMG_20181226_134355_5.jpg)
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Open file (972.23 KB 1314x1752 IMG_20181226_135240_9.jpg)
Open file (363.40 KB 1168x876 IMG_20181226_135545_6.jpg)
Open file (243.58 KB 1168x876 IMG_20181226_141817_0.jpg)
Open file (198.63 KB 1168x876 IMG_20181227_115951_1.jpg)
Open file (229.97 KB 1168x876 IMG_20181227_120449_7.jpg)
Open file (299.20 KB 1168x876 IMG_20181227_120603_5.jpg)
Open file (367.14 KB 1168x876 IMG_20181227_121543_0.jpg)
Open file (200.70 KB 1168x876 IMG_20181227_124112_7.jpg)
more pics
Open file (171.83 KB 1168x876 IMG_20181227_124212_6.jpg)
Open file (209.77 KB 1168x876 IMG_20181227_125008_5.jpg)
Open file (290.21 KB 1168x876 IMG_20181227_131127_0.jpg)
Open file (284.38 KB 1168x876 IMG_20181227_131235_8.jpg)
Open file (336.96 KB 1168x876 IMG_20181227_134017_1.jpg)
Open file (379.39 KB 1168x876 IMG_20181227_135347_2.jpg)
Open file (642.19 KB 1314x1752 IMG_20181227_140836_4.jpg)
Open file (1.04 MB 1314x1752 IMG_20181227_141037_6.jpg)
Open file (230.63 KB 1168x876 IMG_20181227_141854_9.jpg)
Open file (274.23 KB 1168x876 IMG_20181227_143704_6.jpg)
Open file (282.54 KB 1168x876 IMG_20181227_144009_5.jpg)
Open file (309.32 KB 1168x876 IMG_20181227_145211_1.jpg)
Open file (713.52 KB 1314x1752 IMG_20181227_151217_9.jpg)
Open file (786.12 KB 1314x1752 IMG_20181227_151728_2.jpg)
Open file (509.75 KB 1314x1752 IMG_20181227_154959_1.jpg)
Open file (714.42 KB 1314x1752 IMG_20181227_155312_7.jpg)
Open file (697.24 KB 1314x1752 IMG_20181227_155502_4.jpg)
Open file (305.21 KB 1168x876 IMG_20181227_160046_2.jpg)
they're a bit out of order but check filenames for timestamp
Did you keep the skull? Beautiful as always Slov.

One of mine too
to skullfuck it?
Open file (3.75 MB 4656x2620 20181228_000947.jpg)
Nah bro, to adorn it as I have. Bottle is some cheap vodka skull bottle filled with sand. The rest horns and skull.
>They sell vodka bottles in the shape of a skull where you're at
nah, I might if it weren't missing a chunk of upper jaw
I have a nicely preserved cat skull stored somewhere tho
is spacechan a fail? Guys, let's get our shit together and make this a good chan.
I had more pics but apparently me dumping them crashed spcechan so I'll refrain from posting from now on
It's fine the space issue is sorted
t. space_
thanks bby
ok good
This thread is awesome.
t. slovborg
Open file (19.08 KB 300x250 sad4.jpg)
we always used to have nature blogpost threads like this on mewch
Go to sleep already, you're a mess.
yanno what I took some photos on a walk today
the pond is pretty much frozen over so I could go ice skating even
Open file (6.43 MB 3264x2448 IMG_20190106_125218_5.jpg)
Open file (5.11 MB 3264x2448 IMG_20190106_130531_0.jpg)
looks cozy
Open file (2.44 MB 3264x2448 IMG_20190109_093826_0.jpg)
Weather for Ljubljana, SI
Weather: fog
Temp: 23 °F / -5 °C Wind: 4 mph / 2.6 m/s
Humidity: 100% Cloudiness: 75%
Dive in
Lmao poor slovkike getting btfo in 8chan like the mad incel he is
Open file (91.05 KB 782x782 juden_pwned.jpg)
i remember when that wolfenstein dude schooled the crap out of him during a rozelli stream. the kike didn't have a single comeback and was just silent with his dumb smile. good times.

I need to see that
i wish i had recorded it. maybe swissboi has a clip.
Hi. Who are you?
Nah, in fact, I schooled him that his statement was incorrect, and he kept ignoring that and spouting dogmatic """"knowledge"""". At that point I decided to quit arguing because facts are worth nothing against someone who will just repeat what he read somewhere in spite of contrary evidence.
You're welcome.

Yeah no one fucking believes you lol.

You've been banned and kicked off the mod team on mewch.
Open file (173.25 KB 848x480 0.jpg)
I've been cycling today

recording is in two parts because I've rekt my bike chain and it took some time to at least get it back on the gears in a way that made it possible to ride the bike

(big files)
virus donut click
Slov can you post some more of your expensive jackets?

Literally no one ever lmao


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