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Welcome to /b/. Enjoy the random (shit)posts.

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Choukadou girl 1/6

You'll never have a cute anime girl figurine as your waifu
why even live

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Do you draw? Show us your doodles.

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Red Heads are the best

Just thought I would say it

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lets brighten up /b/
>post it and let the community judge it
>i usually browse 4chan style skins/css or esoteric 8ch board that have custom css and hawk lines of code from them. then tweek that to my liking
you can apply your css in the top bar to experiment.
for 8ch css that you like ill give you an example on how to extract it has neet css
https:/ and it lists the code
>i extracted rainbow text with the keyframes necessary to run it
lets see how creative b is

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How rich you are ?

Daily reminder that all words are toys of poor people. rich people don't need wonderful words to make their life happy. All morals are for poor people to lies themselves.

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Why are non-pedos such degenerates?

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Frindly greetings from

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What happened to the I assume that it was discontinued for some reason. Is there someone more informed on this subject?

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I'm a nigger

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what do you guys usually do online? Need some suggestions

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A pic for the lain fags

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How are you, Astronaut?

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( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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can we get some crush vids in here, anything we all seen before or have not already. I love that dog heel video.

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>this will never be you

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Hunger Games

Here's something crazy I've wanted to do for a while now: Hunger Games SpaceChan edition.
It's a simulation of the Hunger Games. Basically you pick a tribute by uploading an image of that person and say if it's M or F (male or female). So for example: Hitler, M (while posting a pic of Hitler). Or Fork, F while posting a pic of a fork.
Since this is a slow board and it'll probably take a week to fill all 24 open slots, I'll allow people to enter 3 tributes at the same time (which would require 8 people to participate). Let's see if we can pull this off.

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got ID'd

>be me
>be euro
>be 27(!) years old
>young-looking baby face, but not too bad
>can always buy cigarettes at the gas station with no problem
>at supermarket
>bunch of groceries including 2 cans of energy drink
>get fucking asked for ID because they can if they think you are younger than 14
>i had it with me but i lied and said i didn't, wouldn't give the bitch cashier the satisfaction
>mfw want to go elliot rodger now

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yall nigggers


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think on it

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Does spacechan follow the Hehpill of Rights?

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Sarah-Anne Uchuu exploitable

Posting a special treat for you tonight. Do your worst.