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Welcome to /b/. Enjoy the random (shit)posts.

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Imageboards are dead

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Anybody still around? It's ronery here.

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I'm a huge faggot and I should kill myself.

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>be me
>be le cool anonymous hacker
>my hacker bro friend and I love hacking normies on the internet for the lulz
>we drink mtd and eat flamin hot cheetos while listening to lil-pump
>we also play fortnite on the playstation 4
>one day hacker bro tells me he hacked Donald Trump's psn account
>I tell him "bro thats dope AF lol!"
>suddently, the fbi shows up at his house
>fbi arrests him as we were talking through discord
>fbi asks "we'll let you go if you tell us the location of your hacker bro friend."
>my bro said "you'll never find him lol!"
>I promised my friend I'd avenge him
>suddenly, FBI found my location because I forgot to turn on incognito mode while using discord
>it turns out discord is "spyware"
>I hear the fbi knock on my door and yell "FBI OPEN UP!
>I wasn't scared though cause the FBI wasn't ready for my hacking skillz
>I to google and search "How to hack FBI vans with a 2008 dell PC"
>a video by "HowToBasic" shows up
>video tells me to throw eggs at my computer and it'll make the vans explode
>so I do it
>I grab le eggs and through em at le computer
>grab le pc and throw it out the window
>acciden- I mean purposefully hit the "self destruct" button that's inside of every FBI van with my PC
>FBI vans all burst into flames
>clubbed to death starts playing as I put on my hacker glasses

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Domokun did nothing wrong

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This is just getting sad. I used this place during the summer but left after (((someone))) advertised on Mewch. Obviously, we need to shill this place for it to grow, but just think carefully of where you shill. Also note, it doesn't necessarily need to be a different imageboard, what you should keep in mind about shill candidates is the community. I'd say anywhere with a bunch of nerd/geek culture could be good, but just not fucking mewch. Mewchtards are all 3DPD cam-whore worshipers from instagram and facebook.

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*to be continued*

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Got Banned From 8Cuck

Got banned from 8Chan because of pics related.

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Dead board.