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-Board has been nuked, fresh clean start
-R9K image filter has been disabled per popular request, will be re-enabled as soon as it gets abused
-Special thanks to all the Astronauts who made OC the past weeks

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Welcome to /b/. Enjoy the random (shit)posts.

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Mount Caramel

How old were you when you realized that the federal government murder 82 people (18 children) in Waco Texas in 1993?
For me, I was maybe 15-16. I remember seeing the 20/20 Special where they show the surviving children and ask them who the president was and when they're like "lol IDK" those media Satanists used it as proof that the kids were brainwashed.
>TL;DR the federal government murders American children (who cares about the spics and sand niggers) and you're basically stupid

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>R9K image filter has been disabled
YES, FINALLY. Thank you fren.

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>73 PPH
And that was before the spam. Based board nuking, based Astronauts.

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WEBM / MP4 thread

Post 'em

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why is pedophilia objectively wrong

discuss and debate

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UB General 2.0: Electric Boogaloo

Been writing a short story recently
imagine a world where a nuclear war happens but the world was inhabited by monsters and we had magic
before the war magic was obsolete due to guns and science but now that the world has degenerated to a very feudal state guns are rare and when they are found they are rusted and jammed
ammo is extremely rare and those who can make high quality bullets are powerful
using poor ammo is too risky for these common folk as if they damage the gun they could lose their only protection against ancients (Large Magic beasts)
Important knowledge is hidden and hoarded by the leaders of these feudal society's
Magic, Scientific and engineering Literature is kept for the higher ups of society
Cults of people in small remote villages who dream of a boy who will be born into the world by the help of old gods
guilds of human hunters, Alchemists, Masonry workers and Vagabonds
The idea of high tech low life is real for some society's
Robotic arms, Fully lit areas with electricity where they hunt deer and heal themselves with herbs from the forest and eat wood chippings with mushrooms
Men of science use this horrible time to free themselves of morality and do horrific tests on the remaining human population and make great scientific progress in hidden labs but they don't have anyone to share this discovery with
only to go outside once and get irradiated and die having all the research they did go to waste

Dungeons of half human half elk men sleeping in caves and stealing children
Parties of people go to these places to Kill these creatures but they multiply like rabbits

Parental structures of some society's make the first born child become a another parent for the next child and to make them become a servant like figure
The next child being a heir to the family name while the real heir (first born) is the servant

Pretty shit premise ill be honest
but i've really wanted to write a story for a long time and i just wanna get a rough draft done then ill go through the story again with a fine comb and rewrite the unreadable crap into somewhat readable dribble.

Please don't mind the poorly drawn oc
I've got no drawing pad and am shitskin
His name is Augustus and he is the main character of short story

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why havent you seen captain marvel yet

that shit is hot

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random images

>board has been nuked
time for a random images thread

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I. The age of consent shall be 30 years.
II. Having sex before the age of consent shall be punishable by death, for all participants, even in the case of rape.
III. Having sex with a person on more than 3 separate occasions without a pregnancy shall be punishable by death.
IV. Having sex while being infertile shall be punishable by death.
V. Having sex with more than 3 different partners shall be punishable by death.
VI. Spreading sexually transmitted diseases shall be punishable by death.
VII. Having an orgasm that is not caused by a penis-in-vagina (PIV) activity shall be punishable by death.

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guys post sonics

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guys post epic meme lul

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The Metal Gear Solid theme song is the most epic video game song there is

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the hell happened here?

i leave for acouple of days and return to a nuked board. I told you guys to stop advertising on 8chan and 4chan, this is what you got in return i hope it was worth it.