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memer 03/07/2018 (Wed) 20:12:42 [Preview] No. 18
What do you watch from the current season?
Too busy with work to watch anime tbh
there was nothing good this season.
Open file (413.02 KB 782x716 1515502050098.png)
It's not going to be easy to make the board good like this
From the current season? nothing

Although, I'm torenting angel beats atm, probably about time I get to watching that..
If there's anything worth watching this season, let me know tbh..

I haven't had the time to watch anime that I used to
prove it
Open file (704.26 KB 1280x690 psi-nan.png)
It's the truth though. Only thing I can watch is Psi-nan.
Open file (67.23 KB 422x600 wotaku.jpg)
Wotaku and 3D Kanojo Real Girl are bretty comfy
Waiting for one punch man season 2 and hoping it'll be remotely entertaining


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